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Deliver attentive care and therapeutic relief by padding vulnerable body areas, such as hips and spinal cords. Use wedges, blocks, and rolls for easy repositioning and support. Find products in various sizes and foldable designs for flexible use in hospital, geriatric and rehabilitation settings.

Prevent Physical Strain and Injuries
Wedges, blocks, and rolls give your staff unlimited options for supporting patients' bodies or restricting their movement to avoid accidents. Gentle, comfort-oriented materials, such as cotton and foam, provide daily relief by cushioning sensitive or injured body areas. Use wedges to lay temporary barriers and prevent patients from falling from bedsides or rolling into harmful positions.

Promote Healthy Circulation
Protect sedentary patients from common health conditions related to limited physical activity. Stocking up on orthopedic wedges and blocks lets you accommodate patients who need periodic turning and limb elevation to allow blood circulation and prevent bed sores. Buy bed rolls to soothe upper body pain and provide comfortable neck positioning for immobile patients with respiratory or digestive issues.

Perform Everyday Tasks Efficiently
Care-giving staff have to balance caution with efficiency when moving bedridden patients for daily tasks, such as putting on clothes. Wedges provide sturdy, but semi-flexible, surfaces that can support a patient's body weight, hips, or limbs when you need to maintain specific positions during examinations or cleanings. At the same time, these orthopedic accessories conveniently reduce physical stress on caregivers, helping them work comfortably and safely.

Maintain Hygienic Care
Handle patients with safe, sanitary equipment you can easily disinfect between uses. Wedges, blocks, and rolls feature easy-to-clean, fluid-resistant casing for fast maintenance, or you can buy items with removable covers for convenient machine washing. Take a preventative approach to care-giving, and reduce health or accidental hazards by choosing latex-free and flame-retardant products.

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