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First Aid Only® Woundseal Blood Clot Powder, 2/Pack (90326)
Item #2705772
Model #90326
  • Woundseal Blood Clot Powder
  • Box size: 4.25"L x 3"W x 0.375"H
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Wound closure strips protect your wounds from external contamination and infection. Get the much-needed relief from pain using the soft spun-bound fiber backing. Reinforced with nylon filaments, the medical grade adhesive strips guarantee durability.

Effectively Resists Bacteria
These wound strips are medically treated and hypoallergenic to ensure germs and bacteria do not encroach, preventing infection and pathogen-induced illnesses. The white color not only gives the wounds a neat and clean look, it also helps to highlight dirt, signalling the need to replace the strips with fresh, clean and safer ones when the need arises.

Delivers Comprehensive Safety
Latex may cause allergic reactions when in contact with certain skin types. Furthermore, it is ineffective against chemicals and dirt, unlike other materials. These wound closure strips are latex-free, ensuring comprehensive safety and allowing you some peace of mind when interacting with dirty objects and surfaces.

Easily Fits Wounds
Strip-shaped wound closures ensure comprehensive coverage of the open wound and are easy to attach on the skin. Furthermore, they come in varying sizes ideal for both big and small wounds. They are colour-coded to make it easy to identify different sizes. For clotted or oozing wounds, use blood-clotting agents to make the surface level, smooth and soft before applying the closure.

Remains Firmly in Place
These wound closures are reinforced with spun-bond fiber to ensure they do not irritate the open wounds. They also have nylon filaments that increase their tensile strength to ensure they do not tear or peel off easily. Furthermore, while they have excellent adhesive properties, they are also gentle on the skin. This ensures comfort for the wearer and makes it fast and painless to remove.