Writing Skills Books

Writing skills books back up the lessons you teach, helping your students become better writers and test-takers. Choose handwriting drills or composition workbooks based on the ages of your students. Printed materials and software help you integrate writing instruction into your lessons.

Handwriting Practice
Handwriting books teach young students how to print letters and help older children make the transition to cursive writing. Individual workbooks give students a place to practice their penmanship, and demonstration-size papers let you model handwriting techniques on a display that is large enough for the whole class to see. Wide sheets of newsprint let students draw pictures to complement their stories, helping children organize their thoughts.

Composition Exercises
Writing skills books that include composition prompts save you the effort of drafting original writing topics for each lesson. A variety of workbooks reaffirm your classroom lessons by assisting students with important composition skills, such as capitalization, grammar, parts of speech, and punctuation. Students can use these books to help proofread and revise their work in class while you help other students who need extra attention. Integrate these books with information on test preparation and thinking skills to help your students succeed on state and national exams.

Lesson Plan Aids
Your job is easier when you use the classroom aids provided by these writing skills books, including overhead transparencies, SMART board applications, and lesson-planning sheets. Leveled organizers let you track the performance of students who read and write at different paces, allowing you to tailor your instruction. Using these aids means that you don't have to create original materials for every class, and you can spend more time helping your students.

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