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Recycled Resume Paper

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8.5" x 11" (US letter)
First impressions are always important, and that's especially true during a job search. Using recycled resume paper for resumes, business, and personal stationery, or even wedding or funeral programs shows that what you printed is important. Coupled with envelopes made from paper of the same quality, this resume paper speaks to your attention to detail before ever meeting a potential employer.

Recycled Resume Paper Has Many Features
Recycled fine business paper usually comes in standard letter size of 8.5 x 11 inches. At a 24-pound weight, it is thicker than the usual 20-pound copy paper, so it holds up well with use and handling. The resume paper may have a cotton content of 25 percent or more, and it's available in a wide variety of finishes, including smooth, laid, and linen, giving users a wider paper choice.

It usually features a watermark and may also have a date code. Date-coded paper contains a special symbol or code embedded in the watermark, and manufacturers change the code annually, which helps prove and protect the integrity of legal, governmental, and accounting documents. Because it is lint-free, this business paper is compatible with most copiers, as well as for use with inkjet and laser printers, making it convenient for do-it-yourself printing of resumes, invitations, legal documents, and other important papers.

Recycled Resume Paper Is Earth-Friendly
In addition to containing 25 to 100 percent total recycled materials, most recycled resume paper is also acid, lignin, and chlorine free. Not only is the absence of these chemicals healthier for people and the planet, acid-free paper lasts longer, protecting precious programs and paper keepsakes from discoloration and deterioration over time. They won't yellow or crumble.

The Forest Stewardship Council certifies many of these paper types to indicate that the manufacturers take measures to be certain their raw materials come from sources that promote responsible use of the world's forests, from raw material to the products' final distribution. As Post Consumer Fiber (PCF) products, these kinds of office supplies contain materials like old newspapers and magazines reused in the papermaking process, extending the fiber source while saving the forests, as well as reducing solid waste.

Why Should You Choose Cotton Fiber Recycled Resume Paper?
The Cotton fiber in paper gives it a look and feel that implies status, excellence, and permanence. It also makes the paper stronger and more durable, so that first impression becomes a lasting one.

Why Is a Watermark on Recycled Resume Paper Important?
A watermark usually identifies the manufacturer, the brand name. and sometimes, the cotton fiber content. It immediately lets the person looking at the document know that you chose a high-quality paper and that you place value on the content printed on it.

What Color Recycled Resume Paper Is Best for Resumes?
While you want your resume to stand out from the rest, this is not the time for neon or unique colors. Choose recycled fine business paper in white, ivory, cream, or soft gray. Let the quality of the paper draw attention subtly to your qualifications, rather than shouting with overly bright shades.