Battery Shop

From general purpose batteries to specialty batteries for cameras, power tools, cell phones or other electronic devices, Staples covers all of your battery needs. Look for alkaline, lithium and rechargeable batteries for sale from trusted brands such as Duracell, Ultralast, Insten, Dell, HP and others.

What Types of Batteries are Available at Staples?

Staples carries a wide selection of batteries and portable power items to keep your devices running smoothly on the go or at home. You can find general purpose batteries, like AA, as well as various rechargeable batteries for electronic equipment — from cameras to power tools, to hearing aids, laptops and more. Some batteries for sale are also available to be purchased with accident protection plans.

General Purpose Batteries

Use general purpose batteries for remotes, flashlights, gaming controllers and other items around the house or workplace. They’re available in sizes including AAA, AA, 9V, C and D. Perfect to keep on-hand, you can find these in rechargeable and non-rechargeable varieties such as alkaline, lithium, NiMH and Silver Oxide.

Cordless Phone Batteries

Cordless phones often require their own rechargeable batteries to keep the handsets running. Replacement cordless phone batteries will fit most devices, with the model number of the phones they fit marked on the packaging. Rechargeable cordless phone batteries are cost-effective, provide plenty of power for long talk times and have a service life of up to three years.

Cell Phone Batteries

Staples carries battery pack replacements for a range of smartphones and other cellular devices. Look for cell phone batteries compatible with brands such as LG, Apple, Samsung, Motorola and more. These batteries have long life spans and a capability to go long hours between charges. Browse new and refurbished options depending on your device’s model and budget.

Camera and Camcorder Batteries

Looking for replacement camera and camcorder batteries? Shop battery bundles, replacement batteries and charging ports and accessories for cameras and camcorders at Staples. Choose from popular brands including Insten, Energizer, Vivitar, Canon and others to keep your devices functioning for long periods of time.

Specialty Batteries

At Staples you can also shop for specialty batteries and hearing aid batteries.

Should You Stock Up on Batteries?

It is a good idea to stock up on the batteries you use most frequently day-to-day, as well as any that you could need in an emergency. Backup batteries are a relief when you need them and prevent extra trips to the store or unnecessary stress.

At home, use stocked batteries for items like remotes and smoke detectors. You can also keep them on hand if you are gifting any electronics around the holidays. In the workplace, batteries can also be used for wireless devices such as computer keyboards or wall clocks. Buy in bulk to save and stay stocked, with guaranteed long lifespans in use and in storage.