Cordless Phone Batteries

Cordless phones eliminate wired connections, and cordless phone batteries provide the power needed to keep handsets running. Products from brands such as Lenmar®, Dantona®, and Insten® are compatible with a variety of home and business phone systems. Visit the Staples® battery shop and find a cordless phone battery for almost any handset.

Cordless Phone Batteries Offer Rechargeable Convenience
All of these products are rechargeable. They provide many years of reliable service and eliminate the need for frequent battery replacement. Chargers built into the phone system's base station keep batteries powered up, so handsets are ready to use at any time. The reliable power storage provided by phone batteries provides many hours of talk time on a single charge.

Cordless Phone Batteries to Fit Any Handset
There are hundreds of cordless phones available, and they use many different kinds of batteries. Most replacement power sources list the model numbers of the phones they fit on their packaging, so it's simple to find the right product. They also come in a plastic cartridge or wrapper that easily plugs into any compatible device.

What Type of Power Storage Do Cordless Phone Batteries Use?
Most of these products have nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) cells that efficiently store an electrical charge. They're cost-effective and provide plenty of power. Ni-MH cells have almost no charge memory, so recharging a partially discharged battery won't affect its performance. These batteries have a service life of up to three years.

What Do the Power Ratings for Cordless Phone Batteries Mean?
Batteries have two power ratings. Voltage measures the amount of current the battery produces and should always match the voltage rating of the phone handset. A battery's milliampere hours (mAh) rating indicates how much power it can store. Products with higher ratings may offer more talk time on a single charge or provide the current needed to support advanced handset features.

Can You Recycle Cordless Phone Batteries?
Almost all batteries contain chemicals that may have a detrimental effect on the environment. While Ni-MH batteries are quite safe, it's legal to dispose of them with household waste in many places, and most recycling stations also accept them. Recycling batteries reduces the waste products going into local landfills, and manufacturers can create new goods using the recovered materials.

How Long Do Cordless Phone Batteries Hold a Charge?
Once they're removed from a charger, all rechargeable batteries start to lose power. Ni-MH batteries hold their charge for about a month, so leaving one on a desk or end table for a few days won't affect its performance. Always fully charge new batteries after installation to ensure proper operation.

When Should You Replace Cordless Phone Batteries?
Over time, all batteries lose the ability to hold a charge. If a phone suffers from reduced talk time or quickly discharges when it's not in its charger, an old battery may be the culprit. Replacing it with a compatible rechargeable battery will likely restore phone performance.

Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries are a convenient and reliable power source for cordless phones. They have a long service life and are simple to install. Keep a home or office cordless phone running at peak efficiency with a replacement cordless phone battery.