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Starting college as a first-year freshman is an exciting experience and a once-in-a-lifetime event. The prospect of moving away from home, having the first full breath of independence and meeting new friends is enticing. The thought of sharing a dorm room with a stranger and of getting to many scheduled classes on time can be stressful. One way to ensure a rewarding first-year college experience for freshmen is providing them with enough dorm room essentials to make them comfortable in a new living space and prepared to tackle the academic challenges ahead.

Start the Year with Plenty of Personal Care Items

Personal care products for hygiene, grooming and safety are necessities for new students. Although colleges normally have on-campus stores that sell personal items, the stores don't always stock everyone's preferred products. Bringing two each of these dorm essentials is a smart choice. One suggestion for bringing these items is to pack them in a throwaway bag, rather than in a larger cosmetics or carrying case that might take up extra room.

Room Decor is a Dorm Essential that Personalizes Space

Freshmen want to feel at home in their new space, which is why decorative items are a must-have. The obvious consideration is space. Wall art is the most space-saving choice for creating a room that reflects the student's tastes, but whether the walls are sheetrock or concrete is a consideration. Staples offers all types of mounting clips and hooks that students can use on either surface to support wall art, message boards and pictures that students can use to personalize space.

Furniture and Lamps that Fit Study Needs are Dorm Room Essentials

Because the goal of any freshman is to reap academic rewards, students should make sure that dorm rooms have the proper furniture and lighting to make studying, writing and other tasks comfortable and productive. Bringing a desk or worktop lamp that fits the space well is essential. Staples has desk lamps in a range of styles and colors as well as portable laptop carts, computer stands, rolling desks, stand-up desks and desktop extenders to complement or even substitute for existing furniture. Consider desks with hutches or other additions that augment storage space without increasing the furniture's footprint.

Organizers Help Students Be Successful

Students will want to bring their own pens, pencils, clips, notebooks and other study materials with them as first-year students. Must-haves include items that organize these study accessories, such as pen and pencil holders, rotating organizers with extra room for scissors, clips, and erasers and document and desktop copy holders. These essentials will keep the room from becoming cluttered and will help students remain on track for academic success. Tools like dry-erase boards and wall calendars are also helpful for staying on top of class schedules and assignments.

When shopping for first-year college students, consider convenience, space, comfort and productivity. Send them off equipped with the right tools for organization, personal care and good study habits to help them have a successful year.

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