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Add value to a space with durable and efficient drinking fountains. These water stands come in outdoor and indoor designs, and the sturdy models maintain structural integrity in busy areas. Units with bottle filling capabilities allow users to refill water canteens and drink canisters within seconds. Staples® has a large selection of water fountains and related devices like filter systems and dispensers, to accommodate almost any home and work area.

Understanding the Benefits of Drinking Fountains in the Workplace
Stainless steel fountains are antimicrobial, and provide a quick way to rehydrate the body. The solidly constructed units feature rugged exteriors that can withstand bumps in high-traffic spaces. The fountains circulate a large amount of water, and one unit can service many people throughout a school, office space, or sports complex. Superior drain systems prevent standing water and allows for the free flow of liquid through the unit. The dispensers have protective hoods to block debris from contaminating the drinking piece.

Decide on the Right Type of Fountain for the Space
A heavy-gauge design avoids corrosion, so the units are ideal for use in most areas. Outdoor cast iron models are powder coated to withstand the environment. Many models are vandal-resistant. Floor pedals make it easier to dispense water for drinking and avoid hand contact. Some models contain a convenient bottle filling station that allows users to fill large and small containers. Refrigerated and non-refrigerated water is available, depending on the unit, and several designs have a hands-free or push-button activation, which makes the fountains easy to operate.

Are There Benefits to Having Drinking Fountains?
Yes. The efficient and convenient systems make it easy to get a quick drink of water in public or private spaces. The appliances provide clean water and require little maintenance. The units ensure employees, students, and patrons maintain hydrated throughout the day. Wall-mounted models have plates that attach to a surface and keep the fountains elevated off the ground for an accessible quick drink that requires little effort.

Do Bottle Filling Stations Use Filters?
Yes, depending on the model. Filters help reduce chlorine and keep unpleasant odors away from the system. With filtered filling stations, the units may include an LED light to show when the filter needs replaced. The basins have antimicrobial protection to prevent against the growth of mold and mildew, which provides the user with a clean drinking experience. A bottle filling station helps eliminate dependency on disposable plastic bottles and is included in the filtration process.

Should You Place Drinking Fountains in Carpeted Areas?
It‘s recommended to keep drinking fountains away from carpeted spaces to avoid any water splashes soiling the area. Place a fountain in a clean, dry space, over a hard surface, and be sure to wipe away any leaks or splashes that leave water on the ground.

Is There a Certain Distance Water Should Flow From the Mouthpiece?
Water should shoot out of the mouthpiece and flow about three inches from the drinking area. A cover over the drinking piece prevents water from splashing away from the unit and keeps debris from falling around the mouthpiece.

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