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Filament or strapping tape is a heavy-duty option with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, used for securing pallet loads, bundling items, closing corrugated boxes, and mending small tears in everyday objects. In addition to its pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has a backing made of propylene or polyester. This backing has embedded fiberglass strands that reinforce the tape and give it a high tensile strength. You can find a good selection of these high-strength packing tapes in the large inventory of office supplies available on Staples®.

Select the Right Type of Filament Tape
While adhesives determine stickiness, the strength of a packing tape largely depends on its backing material. Consider the overall size, weight, and surface of the bundle or load that needs securing when choosing a backing material. Propylene is the most commonly used option. It is available in two varieties: MOPP and BOPP. MOPP, or monoaxial oriented polypropylene, backing has a woven fiberglass yarn along its length. This gives it an extremely high longitudinal tensile strength.

MOPP backing is very strong and can withstand extreme temperature changes. It also has excellent shock, tear, and impact resistance. Use this type to secure palletized loads and bundled items before shipping them. BOPP, or biaxial oriented polypropylene, backing has longitudinal and cross-woven fiberglass strands. This design improves durability and gives it exceptional cross-directional strength. Choose BOPP tapes to secure cardboard boxes and repair holes in shipping containers, toys, and household objects.

Find Strapping Tapes Strong Enough for Your Packages
Tape width typically ranges from 0.5 inches to 2 inches. Choose a narrow one for a corrugated box with a small gap between its flaps. Strapping down palletized loads requires strong, wide tapes. Thickness is another important feature to consider. While a thicker tape is not necessarily a stronger one, it is usually better for heavy-duty applications. Manufacturers quote thickness in mil. A mil is one-thousandth of an inch.

Grade is a better measure of tape strength. It describes tensile strength per inch of width. A general-purpose tape has a grade of 100 pounds per inch. To secure heavy loads, look for units rated at 300 – 400 pounds per inch. There are heavy-duty filament tapes available that offer up to 600 pounds of tensile strength per inch.

What Kinds of Adhesives Do Filament Strapping Tapes Have?
They use three types of adhesives: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and acrylic. Natural rubber adhesive is the most versatile. It has the highest holding power, can stick to more surfaces, and works in extreme conditions. Synthetic rubber or hot melt adhesive is transparent, sticks faster, and retains high tack on plastic and steel surfaces. Acrylic adhesives are also transparent and enjoy excellent UV-resistance.

Can You Use Filament Tapes with Tape Dispensers?
Yes. Depending on size and type, it’s possible to apply them by hand or with handheld dispensers. Choose a dispenser with a metal build and a blade sharp enough to cut through the reinforced filament backing. Consider tape width and the core diameter of the roll when selecting a dispenser.

Are There Printable Filament Tapes?
Yes. Printable backing materials make it easy to advertise your brand, leave warning labels and handling instructions on packages, and tag them with identification information. Printable tapes can be clear or colored.

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