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Commonly used for holding, splicing, and masking applications, flatback tape offers aggressive adhesion. Besides quick tack and strong holding power, the distinguishing feature of this adhesive fastener is a stock paper backing. The most popular backing material is Kraft paper. You can find a wide selection of flatback fasteners in the inventory of office supplies at Staples®.

Choose From Different Grades of Flatback Tapes
Flatbacks are perfect for sealing cartons and splicing linerboards for a number of reasons. First, their distinctive brown color blends well with the brown fiberboards used for shipping boxes and storage boxes. Applying them is also easy because they unwind smoothly and you don’t need tools to cut and tear them. Manufacturers categorize these carton sealing tapes into three major grades: utility, medium, and premium.

Utility grade flatbacks have tensile strengths between 35 and 40 pounds per inch of width. They come in strips measuring less than 6 mils in thickness. These are suitable for sealing cartons and lightweight splicing tasks. Medium grade rolls have tensile strengths between 40 and 47 pounds per inch of width and measure 6 – 8 mils in thickness. These properties give them increased shear strength and make them suitable for sealing and bundling heavier items. Premium grade tapes are stronger and thicker. They can also handle wider ranges of temperature and humidity conditions.

Consider Adhesive Type When Shopping for Brown Paper Tapes
The three adhesive options available are natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and solvent acrylic. Natural rubber adhesive has the highest tack and shear strength but low temperature and UV resistance. It works best for splicing and sealing items left indoors. Synthetic rubber adhesives age better in high temperatures and direct sunlight. Combining both types of rubber products delivers an adhesive that comes close to the longevity of solvent acrylic adhesives. Acrylic adhesives enjoy better UV and temperature resistance. They are, therefore, better suited for outdoor applications. It does take some time for acrylic to bond and set but when it does, its aggressive adhesion lasts longer.

Do Flatback Tapes Only Come in Brown?
No. Their distinctive brown color comes from the Kraft paper used and they are available in different shades ranging from deep brown to tan and beige. There are also white rolls made from bleached Kraft paper and regular white stock paper. Some flatbacks do have pigmented Kraft paper backings. These colored tapes are suitable for labeling and color coding boxes and bundled items.

Can You Print on Brown Paper Tapes?
Some of them are printable. These come in different colors and are compatible with regular flexographic inks. You can also write on them with pens and pencils as well as mark them with rubber stamps. Printable tapes serve dual purposes by providing ID tags, warning, and/or shipping instructions even as they seal, hold, and splice bundled items.

What Is a Double Coated Flatback Tape?
This is a flatback with an adhesive layer on each side. It usually has pressure-sensitive adhesive coats with high shear strength on both sides. This design makes it possible to hide the tape while using it to join two surfaces. Common applications include mounting pictures on walls, textile manufacturing, and carpet installation.

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Add to cart Tape Logic® #5300 Flatback Tape, 1 1/2" x 60 yds., Kraft, 6/Case
Add to cart Tape Logic® #5300 Flatback Tape, 1" x 60 yds., Kraft, 6/Case
Add to cart Tape Logic® #5300 Flatback Tape, 2" x 60 yds., Kraft, 6/Case
Add to cart Tape Logic® #5300 Flatback Tape, 2" x 60 yds., Kraft, 24/Case
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Add to cart Tape Logic® #5300 Flatback Tape, 3" x 60 yds., Kraft, 16/Case
Add to cart Tape Logic® #5400 Flatback Tape, 2" x 60 yds., Natural White, 6/Case (T94754006PK)
Add to cart Tape Logic® #5400 Flatback Tape, 3" x 60 yds., Natural White, 6/Case (T94854006PK)