About this product

Clean up paper and other office waste conveniently with these Coastwide Professional™ light-duty 0.35-mil trash bags.

Outfit your bathroom or break room waste bins with these easy-to-lift trash bags to keep a spotless workspace. The clear material gives a view of the contents, helping prevent theft, while the flat pack enables seamless dispensing. These unscented Coastwide Professional™ light-duty 0.35-mil trash bags come in a 1,000-count carton to keep up with the demands of big organizations.

  • These 12-16 gal. capacity industrial trash bags with light load strength are ideal for all trash applications, including industrial trash
  • Low density and 0.35 mil thick bags keeps heavy or wet trash from stretching holes in the bag
  • Contains 1000 trash bags per carton
  • Dimensions: 32"H x 24"W
  • Made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) in clear color which makes an inspection of the content of a bag easy