Lunch & Recess

Heading back to school can be a busy time for both parents and students alike. Don't forget to get ready for is lunch and recess, which are essential parts of any student’s day. The right supplies can make all the difference in ensuring a successful lunch period and recess experience. Staples has everything you need to equip your children with the best school lunch & recess supplies.

Lunch box essentials

When it comes to packing a nutritious, delicious lunch, having a cute and functional school lunch bag is key. Whether you’re packing sandwiches or salads, reusable containers are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap or baggies. At Staples, we have a wide selection of paper bags that are perfect for storing lunch and can even be turned into puppets in a creative activity! Keep food fresh when heating up leftovers with microwavable containers and soup mugs with lids. And don't forget about bottles and tumblers for drinks!

Snacks and drinks

It's also important to stock up on snacks for your child's lunchbox! Trail mix, pretzels, crackers, and granola bars are great options for a mid-day school snack that will provide energy throughout the day. Also keep in mind drinks like juice boxes or tea bags if your child prefers something other than water during their break from class. At Staples, we have options for you to purchase all the snacks and drinks you need in bulk, so you all always prepared for lunch.

Recess supplies

Jump ropes, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk —all these items make recess more fun! If your child is into sports they may prefer sporting goods like soccer balls or basketballs instead of traditional playground equipment. Be sure to include outdoor games like frisbees and even flying discs if your child enjoys them as well! Whether you're starting a game of cornhole or mini golf with the group or your child prefers individual play, Staples has all the school lunch & recess supplies for you. All these items are available at Staples so you can find exactly what you need to have an enjoyable break from class each day!