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Dixie PerfecTouch Individually Wrapped Insulated Paper Hot Cup, 8 Oz., Multicolor, 1000 Cups/Carton (5342CDWR)
Item #1523247
Model #5338CDWR
  • Provides excellent insulation and helps reduce the need for costly double-cupping and beverage sleeves
  • Cup design provides a comfortable grip
1000/Carton ($1.53/1 Case @ 1,000 Cups)
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Safely carry hot beverages by pouring them in Dixie® PerfecTouch® cups. These lightweight insulated cups are suitable for piping hot coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate. They feature attractive designs and come in different sizes. Dixie’s hot cups are ideal for home kitchens, cafeterias, cafes, and breakrooms. Keep your family, employees, and customers happy by choosing from the selection of PerfecTouch insulated cups offered at Staples®.

Enjoy Hot Drinks On-the-Go with PerfecTouch Cups
This drinkware uses a patented heat barrier technology to keep hot drinks from burning hands. Unlike regular beverage cups that require sleeves to make hot drinks safe to hold, these have integrated heat-resistant outer linings. This design eliminates the need for sleeves, jackets, collars, holders, and other add-on heat insulators. Users also don’t have to resort to double-cupping to protect their hands or keep their beverages hot.

Dixie tests the self-insulating materials used in its PerfecTouch hot cups to ensure they can withstand hot liquids. Besides insulated walls, the cups also feel sturdy to hold and have non-slip sides. Such features help make it safer to carry around hot drinks in these cups.

Choose from Different Sizes and Quantities of PerfecTouch Hot Cups
Dixie offers these cups in sizes ranging from 8 to 24 ounces. Consider your intended needs when picking an ounce size. For example, the smallest units are ideal for the breakroom and hold the standard 6 - 8-ounce cup of coffee. Cafes may need multiple sizes to satisfy customers asking for large servings like 16 ounce Grande cups of coffee.

These insulated cups come in packs of 25 and cardboard boxes that contain up to 1000 pieces. Office breakrooms may choose a larger pack size to reorder less often and ensure they never run out of PerfecTouch cups. PerfecTouch cups come in the Coffee Haze design, but Dixie To-Go cups are available in a wider range of colors. These color options further differentiate Dixie’s offerings from generic disposable cups.

Are Dixie PerfecTouch Insulated Cups Made of Plastic or Foam?
While they feel like foam to touch, this drinkware is Styrofoam-free. It also contains no plastics. Rather, they’re made of paper. Each unit contains 80 percent compostable cellulose fiber. This material is eco-friendly and helps PerfecTouch insulated cups earn a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bio-based product certification.

Do PerfecTouch Cups Have Lids?
Yes. They are available with or without lids. There are two lid options: a closed, resealable cover and a cover with a straw slot. While PerfecTouch cups are available in six sizes there are only three lid sizes. This is because the 10-, 12-, 16-, and 20-ounce cups all share the same lid size. This helps to reduce cost, counter space, and waste. 

Are Dixie PerfecTouch Hot Cups Reusable?
While you can reuse them, they’re best as disposable units. This paper-based drinkware has rigid walls and insulating linings that prevent them from getting soggy when wet. However, they’re not crush-proof and may lose their integrity when soaked in soapy water.

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