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Perk Hand Sanitizer & Dispensers

Spread cheer not germs by disinfecting your hands with Perk hand sanitizer. Ensure employees and visitors shake hands with confidence by having a steady supply of this antiseptic gel in your facility. Perk’s instant sanitizer is ideal for homes and high-traffic environments, such as offices, schools, and medical facilities. It comes in convenient pump bottles and can eliminate most common bacteria. Browse the large selection of cleaning supplies and hygiene products at Staples to find different sizes and formulations of Perk sanitizers.

Prevent the spread of germs by disinfecting hands with Perk hand sanitizers
Perk’s alcohol-based disinfectants are gel formulations that are effective against 99.99 percent of germs responsible for common diseases. With an alcohol content of 70 percent, they contain more than the 60 percent minimum alcohol content recommended for hand sanitizers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Despite their high alcohol content, the sanitizers don’t contain enough alcohol to leave skin dry and irritated. Besides alcohol, Perk uses hypoallergenic ingredients in its gel antiseptics. The brand has dermatologists to test the final formulations for safety and efficacy.

Disinfect and hydrate your hands with Perk hand sanitizer moisturizing gel
People in homes, businesses, and healthcare facilities can use Perk’s gel hand disinfectants as alternatives to soap and water. The gel formulations are thicker liquids than regular solutions. Gel slides easily on the skin, allowing users to fully cover the backs of their hands, palms, and fingers. For maximum efficacy, the CDC recommends users let sanitizers dry before wiping their hands. Perk’s gel disinfectants are quick-drying, so there’s no need for users to wipe their hands dry even when in a hurry.

Both types of Perk sanitizers contain tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate). This ingredient helps prevent UV damage to the skin and promotes skin repair. The moisturizing disinfectant also contains aloe vera. This natural ingredient hydrates the skin, relieves skin irritation, and lightly exfoliates. These actions help leave the skin looking younger and feeling supple, making Perk moisturizing hand sanitizer ideal for those with alcohol-sensitive and naturally dry skin.

How does Perk hand sanitizer compare to alcohol-free hand sanitizer?
Alcohol-based products like Perk’s gel antiseptics are usually more effective than alcohol-free formulas at killing germs. Since alcohol is a preservative, they’re also much less likely to be contaminated, and are therefore suitable for use in high-traffic areas and public locations. Additionally, Perk hand disinfectants don’t use unsafe ingredients such as triclosan and benzalkonium found in some alcohol-free alternatives.

What sizes of Perk hand sanitizer bottles are available?
These gel disinfectants come in two bottle sizes. The smaller one contains 8 ounces of sanitizer, while the larger one holds 33.8 ounces or 1 liter of the gel formulation. Both of Perk’s regular and moisturizer disinfectants are available in these two sizes.  

Is Perk hand sanitizer suitable for young children?
Yes. The ingredients in these disinfectants are safe for children. However, to prevent accidental ingestion, the brand recommends adult supervision for children aged 6 and younger.
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