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Perk™ Choose-A-Size Kitchen Paper Towels, 2-Ply, 116 Sheets/Roll, 8 Rolls/Pack (PK55113)Perk™ Choose-A-Size Kitchen Paper Towels, 2-Ply, 116 Sheets/Roll, 8 Rolls/Pack (PK55113)
Item #24380329
Model #PK55113
  • Clean everyday spills and messes in the kitchen with these paper towels
  • Contains 116 sheets per roll, 8 rolls per pack, 928 sheets total
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Perk paper towels are ideal for cleaning up spills on breakroom countertops. Packs contain a multiple number of rolls, such as eight, and they provide perfect drying. The paper towels have perforations that prevent overuse by providing a sheet for every mess. The perforated towels have a two-ply construction that soaks up every spill. Browse through the paper towels, tissues, and dispensers available at Staples and choose those that best suit your needs.

Paper towels have various uses
Aside from cleaning messes from countertops, paper towels have several other uses. Place a Perk paper towel in a cast-iron pot after washing it to absorb moisture and prevent rusting. Store the pots separately from the lids by placing a lining of paper towels between them. Clean a can opener using a paper towel. Place the towel in the opener, close the handles, and then turn the crank. The paper towel wipes out the gunk as the wheel cuts through the paper.

Paper towels also absorb the moisture that may make vegetables and fruits rot while in the refrigerator. Surrounding the vegetables with paper towels makes the food last longer. The paper also makes it easier to clean the crisper drawer. Paper towels ensure frozen bread remains fresh. As the bread thaws, the towels absorb the moisture. A paper towel absorbs fat that appears on the top of soups and broths. Pour out the broth into a new pot through the towel. The fat remains in the towel, and only clean broth passes to the new pot.

Keep paper towels in paper towel dispensers
Paper towel holders help to save countertop space, especially in small kitchens. Mounted paper towel dispensers ensure the towels are easily reachable and neatly placed in the kitchen or breakroom. The holders are available in various designs depending on the preference of the buyer.

What factors should you consider when choosing paper towels?
Perk paper towels are of high quality and have a double-ply construction, making them ideal for cleaning even the toughest of messes with ease. Towels with two or more plies have more space and area to absorb liquids. A two-ply paper towel is strong and has a water-based adhesive to hold the layers in place. Perforated sheets let you use as much as you need. Consider the strength of paper towels when selecting which to purchase. 

Why are Perk paper towels important?
Paper towels help to improve hygiene levels and prevent the spread of diseases. Drying hands using the towels causes friction, which helps to remove bacteria that may accumulate after touching dirty desktops. Keeping Perk paper towels in a workplace or home environment helps ensure clean surfaces.

Why do Perk paper towels absorb water?
Paper towels contain a tiny space between the layers, which helps to hold water. The paper contains a cellulose material that attracts water molecules. Perk paper towels are absorbent since they contain tiny air bubbles or empty spaces between the cellulose fibers. Layering the paper towels leads to more spaces. Layered paper towels absorb more water compared to one-ply sheets.