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Reclosable poly bags let you store, arrange, protect, and even display utility items for the home or consumer products for business. Many of the bags are clear plastic, while some come in translucent colors for categorizing or identifying specific products. The resealable bags vary in dimension and thickness to hold an array of utility items and products. The bags are strong enough to meet all packing, shipping, and mailing needs, providing different degrees of handling protection. Specialty bags are also available for protecting electronic components or for processing bio-hazardous material.

Clear and Translucent Resealable Plastic Bags
Most bags are clear, made from 100 percent virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resin, providing several layers of protection from the elements. LDPE reclosable bags are resistant to low temperatures, moisture, dirt, and scratches, ideal for both storage and shipping. They are also corrosion resistant and don't leach harmful chemicals onto their contents. Other resealable poly bags consist of polyethylene, a translucent material that can come in different colors for sorting and identifying items and products, but also providing protection against moisture, oil, and vapor. Some polyethylene bags have an amber coating that protects the contents from exposure to ultraviolet light, ideal for shipping or storing light-sensitive items such as computer and electronics components.

Different Types of Closures for Reclosable Poly Bags
All bags can be opened, resealed, opened, and closed again many times. Some of the resealable bags have flaps with peel-off strips to expose self-adhesive gum that seals the bag securely for protection against the elements. Other bags have pinch-closing top zip tracks, either single or dual, that run the full width of the bag. Some tracks are side-welded to provide a superior seal. Other top zip tracks operate with a slide tab that makes it easy to close the bag even with one hand.

What Are the Dimensions of the Poly Bags?
The bags come in an array of rectangular dimensions, from small 1.5 x 3-inch bags to larger 24 x 24-inch bags. They range in thickness from 1.5 mils to 4 mils, so all the different dimensions will hold either small or large items that are lightweight, medium weight, or heavy.

What Specialty Bags Are Available?
The two main types of specialty bags include anti-static bags that protect computer chips and electronic circuitry from damage from electrostatic discharge, and bio-hazard bags that are designed to hold disposable waste for safe disposal or for proper storage and processing. Anti-static resealable bags are also available with Faraday cages, which are aluminum ribs inserted between the polymer layers to contain electromagnetic fields that may be harmful to human health. Bio-hazard reclosable poly bags, ranging in size from 6 x 9 inches to 12 x 15 inches, contain drug caution symbols that identify the waste material, or check boxes that indicate the proper storage temperatures for the material or how the material should be processed in specific containers. Most of the bags for bio-hazard disposition have slide tab sealers that make it easy to close and secure the contents safely.

What Are Some Other Conveniences of the Poly Bags?
Several lines of resealable plastic bags come with white embedded squares or strips for identifying the contents with pen or marker. Other bags have a hole at the top of the bag so you can hang the bag on display hooks, ideal for home storage or for retail presentation.