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Top 10 Recipients of Your Direct–Marketing Efforts

When you decide to launch a direct–marketing campaign, don't make the mistake of limiting your missives to customers. As a business owner, you'll benefit from staying in touch with a wide variety of community members, organizations, and associations. By keeping these contacts informed through direct–marketing pieces, you engender the goodwill that will benefit your business in countless ways.

Here are the top 10 people who should be on your mailing list:

The local media

Business editors and reporters are always on the lookout for interesting story ideas. By including the press on your mailing list, you may find yourself making the news.

Your clients

Remember, it's harder to gain a new customer than to hold on to an existing one.

Your banker

Without your banker you may not be in this business. Foster your relationship, even when you're not asking for a loan.


As with your banker, you want to keep your investors informed of what you're doing.

Vendors with whom you do business

If they're in tune with you, they will be better able to serve your needs.

Professional organizations

Share your successes and ideas with other business owners. They'll do the same for you.


Keep numerous leads in the pipeline.

Officials in local and state government

We all need friends in high places.

Civic and community leaders

They wield a lot of influence in the neighborhood. Let them know what is important to you.

About the author: Nancy Michaels works with companies that want to reach the small business marketplace and with small business owners who want to sell more products and services. She is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, television host, radio personality and entrepreneur, who has built her reputation among clients and audiences as an authority on self–promotion and small–business marketing.

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