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How To Search

Some folks like to browse and others prefer to find what they're looking for as quickly as possible. The search engine was designed to help people get right to what they want – without waiting. To learn how to use our search engine to its fullest capabilities, please read the information below.

Entering What You Want To Find 

Single Word Search
You can enter a SKU, Item No., Manufacturer or Product Name into the text box (see definitions below). Enter only the first six digits of a Staples Item No. when searching for a specific item.

Multi–Word Search
The search engine allows you to do a multi–word search on the Manufacturer, Product Name and Product Description (see definitions below).


The maker or vendor of the product, such as IBM, Hewlett–Packard, Sharp, Avery, and Bic

Product Name
How the product is officially referred to, such as "Computer Paper"

Product Description
The extended definition of the product, such as "This 9 1/2" x 11" and 15 lb. carbonless computer paper with regular perforations..."

"Stock Keeping Unit" – a unique number listed on products in Staples stores and catalogs. A SKU number is equivalent to a Staples Item Number.

Staples No.
The Staples Item Number is our special identifier for a product. It is listed in our stores and catalogs.
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