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How Safe is Your Company? - Safety Quiz

How safe is your company?

In an effort to help make employees everywhere safer, Staples sent out a 2014 Office safety survey. Take this quiz to see how your company stacks up against other businesses.

no. 1

My company is generally a safe place to work.

85% of employees also said they feel safe at their workplace.

TipHelp make sure 100% of employees feel secure by asking your company to go over your safety plan at least once a year.

15% of employees don’t feel totally safe at work.

TipHelp everyone feel safe by asking your company to go over your safety plan at least once a year.

no. 2

Natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy, have caused my business to reassess its safety plans.

18% of employees said that they’ve updated their safety plans.

TipNatural disasters often hit without warning. Ask your company to set up an emergency text messaging system so employees can be updated in real time.

63% of employees said they haven’t updated their safety plans.

TipEvery region has different weather worries. Help make sure your company updates its safety plans with the changing temperament of your area.

no. 3

There’s someone at work who can perform CPR.

67% of employees said that someone at work was CPR certified.

TipSee if your company can host a CPR training class so everyone can be prepared for an emergency.

33% of employees said that they didn’t know if someone at work could perform CPR.

TipSee if your company can host a CPR training class. It’s easy to learn and it could save a life.

no. 4

My company has safety equipment in case of a fire.

76% of employees said they had fire safety equipment.

TipMake sure your company’s prepared for other emergencies like power outages, water damage and natural disasters.

24% of employees don’t have fire safety equipment.

TipAsk your company to prepare your office with essential emergency supplies like a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

no. 5

My company has an OSHA-approved safety plan.

69% of employees said that their safety plans were within OSHA regulations.

TipLearn more about the training and research OSHA has to offer for your company.

31% of employees said that they didn’t have an OSHA-approved safety plan.

TipVisit the OSHA website to checkout the latest laws and regulations.

Answer all five questions, then view your results below.

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Your Results:

Safety Beginner

When it comes to safety, there’s a lot to think about, like stocking up on equipment and creating emergency plans. To start making your business a safer place to work, check out our Safety Center today.

Safety Certified

Your company’s got the basics covered, but there are a few more ways you could keep your business even safer. Check out the latest products and information at our Safety Center today.

Safety Expert

When it comes to safety, your company’s a stickler. From making sure it has the proper equipment to creating certified emergency plans, it know how to keep everyone safe and sound.

To stay updated on the latest products and information, visit our Safety Center today.