Stand up for your health.

Discover how sit-stand furniture can change how your staff works.

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Where do you start?

Choosing the right sit-stand furniture is easy with these tips.

Adjustable-Height Tables and Desks

  • Ideal for primary workspaces
  • Gives the option to sit or stand
  • Use with existing office chairs
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Switch it up. Either sitting or standing for long periods can lead to various health problems—alternate throughout the day instead.

Extended-Height Tables and Desks

  • Stationary bar-height fixtures
  • Make great meeting and collaboration spaces
  • Perfect for secondary workstations or primary workstations with an extended height chair (making it easy to both sit and stand)
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Standing while working burns 50% more calories than sitting.

Desk Converters

  • Easy to install
  • Instantly turns existing desks into flexible sit-stand workstations
  • Budget-friendly
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Even if you exercise almost every day, the benefits can be undone if you spend the rest of your time sitting.

-American Cancer Society

Exercise Workstations

  • Exercise while you work
  • Burn more calories throughout the day
  • Choose from a variety of versatile options
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Walking on a treadmill can burn about 165 calories an hour (for a 150 pound person walking 2mph).

Finishing touches

Complete your sit-stand workspace with seats and standing mats designed for all-day comfort.

Extended-Height seating

With extended-height seating, have the option of sitting or standing at high desks and tables.

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Standing Mats

Get extra foot, leg and back support while standing on an antifatigue mat.

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Organized and productive.

Monitor stands, task lighting and easy-to-reach organization essentials help prevent fatigue and keep productivity high.

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Set up for success.

Whether sitting or standing, ergonomically sound workspaces keep you and your team healthier.
Use these guidelines when setting up your new primary workstations.

Ergonomics of Sitting
Ergonomics of Standing

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