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Adjustable Standing Desks

Find a healthier way to work by switching to a standing desk. This is taller than a regular work desk and requires the user to stand up rather than sit down. It minimizes the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle by encouraging a wider range of movements and exercising different muscles. Browse the wide selection of office furniture available at Staples® to select the right elevated desk for your workspace.

Choose Between Adjustable and Fixed Height Stand Up Desks
A fixed-height standing work desk is a tall table with non-adjustable legs. Usually made of wood, this furniture has a handcrafted look and is available in different heights. To alternate between sitting and standing during the work day, get a tall office stool to go along with a fixed-height table. Since it is non-adjustable, make sure to select a unit that’s the right height for you. Adjustable-height models have telescoping legs that change their work surface heights. These come in a wider range of styles and colors and mostly use metal build materials. Choose a height-adjustable desk for a shared workspace so each user can find a custom height that’s comfortable.

Know the Different Types of Adjustable Standing Desks
One way to classify adjustable stand desks is by their adjustment mechanisms. Some models use pin-and-ratchet systems with holes punched at regular intervals on their legs. To change the height of such unit, simply lift or lower the worktop and then secure it place by inserting the locking pins into the holes in the legs. A manually adjustable standing work desk may also use crank system. This has a rotatable lever for raising and lowering their worktops.

Pneumatic models have lever-controlled gas cylinders and are the fastest types of adjustable desks. Compared to crank units, these require less effort to adjust table heights. Some other standing tables use counterbalance adjustment mechanisms that employ weighted springs. While counterbalance desks have the lowest weight capacities, they offer seamless movements and very quiet. Unlike these manual height-adjustable desks, electric units move their tops with powered motors. Users can program them to raise or lower to preset heights at the push of a button.

What Key Features Should You Consider When Shopping for Sit and Stand Desks?
Consider overall desk size as well as the size of its work surface. Make sure to choose a unit that’s not too big for the workspace and has a worktop wide enough to accommodate everything you need to work. Find a model that improves the office decor by choosing one with a pleasing finish. Popular options include wood, veneer, and laminate. For an adjustable stand desk, consider the range of height adjustment available. Motor noise is another key consideration for electric models. Most are quiet for regular offices and have noise levels between 40 and 70 decibels.

What Is a Standing Desk Converter?
Also known as a riser, this is an elevated platform that converts a regular desk to a standing one. To use, simply place it on the table. This add-on is available in fixed and adjustable-height configurations. For maximum convenience, choose a foldable, portable riser with a built-in keyboard tray and multiple height positions.

What Is the Weight Capacity of a Stand Up Desk?
The weight capacities of these furniture vary widely. At the low end, there are models that can only lift 50 pounds. However, most can handle 100 – 250 pounds. Heavy-duty desks for multiple users can hold up to 700 pounds of equipment.

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