Find the safe that will best suit your needs. Consider capacity, types of protection, and access methods when making your selection.


Did You Know...

When businesses lose operating records to a fire, nearly half (44%) close their doors forever.

Safes hold important documents and valuables and come in a variety of sizes.

Files hold larger items, such as 8 1/2" x 11" paper, in large envelopes and files.

Chests are ideal for smaller items, including passports and insurance policies.


Did You Know...

In the United States alone a burglary averaging more than $1,000 is committed every 10 seconds.

Fire Protection Guarantee:

Paper burns at 450°F, so while metal boxes may survive a fire, the contents are incinerated. SENTRY Fire-Safe products offer protection from temperatures of up to 1850°F, keeping the contents safe.


Protect important papers like stocks and bonds, deeds or wills from fire damage. SENTRY Fire-Safe products offer UL-classification protection of up to 2 hours. Documents inside stay unharmed from heat and flames.

What does fire protection mean?
Fire-Protection Time Exposure to Fire Temperatures
1/2 hr. UL Up to 1550°F
1 hr. UL Up to 1700°F
2 hr. UL Up to 1850°F

The average fire ranges between temperatures of 900°F and 1200°F for approximately 20 minutes.


In addition to fire protection, waterproof fire-safe products offer protection from flood and water damage.


Protect cash, jewelry, keepsakes, and other valuables against theft. Security safes are not fireproof, but feature durable, solid-steel construction, concealed internal hinges, bolt-down hardware, and a Group 2 lock. A safe with a Group 2 lock must resist an attack test by a professional locksmith with knowledge of the workings of the safe using such tools as chisels, pry bars and variable-speed drills for five minutes.


Did You Know...

Property damage from flooding now totals more than $1 billion each year in the United States.


Electronic keypads provide superior protection with fast, easy-touch access to your valuables.


Combination locks provide a secure environment for any small items or documents.


Key locks can provide either privacy or security depending on the key type and prevent safe lid from opening in a fire.

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