5 Cutting-Edge Mobile App Development Tools

To keep your business accessible to the growing segment of your customer base that uses smartphones, you may want to create a mobile app. The kind of app you will need depends on the nature of your business – restaurants should consider menu apps, while retail stores may want a mobile shopping app. Choosing the right app development tools is an important part of expanding your business's online presence. When budgeting for creation of a mobile app, remember that it is only part of your electronic presence and for most businesses, it will not replace an attractive and functional website.

Apple’s Xcode

Apple’s Xcode is free to download and use, so it is one of the most economical mobile app development tools. It is widely used throughout the Mac development community and is often the preferred choice for integrated development environments (IDEs). It includes an iOS simulator and a wide range of software development kits (SDKs) and Cocoa frameworks for both desktop and mobile devices. Its intuitive interface is well-organized and integrated for editing, debugging and compiling your code.

Google ADT (Android Development Tools)

Develop your Android application using Google’s ADT. This plug-in will allow you to build your Android app with ease by harnessing the Android Framework API and SDK tools in one simple interface, making it a one-stop option to help you make a mobile app.

Appcelerator’s Titanium

This mobile app development tool helps you develop code for virtually any device. Write your code once, and compile it for Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone or iPad. Using the Eclipse IDE interface, you can write your code in one universal language, Javascript, and leverage Eclipse’s massive collection of device and mobile APIs.

appMobi jqMobi

If you're looking for app development tools that are lightweight and use cutting-edge technology, appMobi jqMobi is a solid choice. jQuery and HTML5 are popular, but jqMobi was created specifically for mobile devices, and it’s open-source, making it one of the more economic app development tools around. jqUI allows you to develop your app for Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone and iPad with ease.


Mobile Frame can help you create a mobile app for your business, even if you don't have programming skills. It boasts a WYSIWYG interface and is packed with pre-built functions, so you can design an app just by clicking. Support for HTML5 and a wide array of popular features make MobileFrame one of the app development tools of choice for many business owners.

Professional Assistance

If you don't have the time or technical skill to create an app that meets your needs, you might consider hiring a professional developer to create an app for your business. You can find boutique developers to create high-end, visually stunning apps, as well as economical developers who will create simple and functional apps.

When creating a mobile app for your business, you can take advantage of many different app development tools at varying price points. Mobile app development tools offer different functions and are compatible with a range of systems, so consider your customers' needs when choosing. Whether you create an app on your own or hire a professional developer, the important thing is that it is accessible to your customers, easy to use and represents your company's image.

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