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5 Easy Ways to Save Paper Without Skimping | Business Hub |®

5 Easy Ways to Save Paper Without Skimping

Each year, 71 million tons of paper products are used in the United States. As we are now better informed on ways to reduce the impact on our environment with our day-to-day living, saving paper has become an important subject of discussion. There are a few things to be aware of when considering how to save paper. With the assistance of technology and a more frugal mindset, you will find that saving paper is easier than you might have first thought. Being aware of how your workplace runs and informing staff on more effective practices will bring about more positive changes.

Fitting More onto the Page

When formatting content in a document, filling all of the available space is one way to save paper. Using a smaller font size as you're putting together letters, notices, and essays enables you to fit more text on a page. The text should be large enough to be read comfortably, but it doesn't have to be overly large. Apart from saving paper, the chances of additional pages going astray will be reduced.

At the Photocopier

Usually, most of us copy things on just one side of the page but this is not always necessary. By copying on both sides of the paper, you could cut your usage in half. Eliminate unnecessary content by copying only what is essential. If an image doesn't need to be printed, cut it out before copying the rest.

Communicate Using Paperless Technology

Today, there are more ways to communicate than ever before, and taking advantage of technology is wise. Instead of sending memos or short messages using paper, save paper by sending send them via text message, by a telephone call, voicemail, email, or through an office intranet. These methods are helpful in reducing the amount of paper used, are more efficient in terms of delivery, and are less time consuming.

The Cycle of Recycling

There are more ways to recycle than just throwing used paper into the recycling bin. Always recycle paper by using it again before disposing of it. To save more paper, use the backside of letters and correspondence for notepaper, or use it to photocopy on the side that is blank. Making your own notepads helps reduce costs of additional paper and is good for the environment.

Choose Recycled Paper

Paper is a product that can be recycled repeatedly. Using recycled paper in your business has lots of positives. Purchasing recycled paper saves forests and the natural habitats of countless animals. In addition, saving and recycling paper reduces landfill. If your company purchases recycled paper, consumers and clients will appreciate that your business is green, and it will give a positive sense of responsibility as a whole. Let your clients and customers know that your company saves paper by advertising that you use recycled paper products.

If your workplace employs these paper-saving tips, the benefits will be many; you'll save paper, time and money, reduce your green footprint, have a more efficient system of communication, be more productive, and contribute to saving the environment.




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