Make Your Idea Happen: Bakery or Café

A large number of the thousands of entrants in our Make Your Idea Happen contest are cooking up a new bakery or café business. Whether these dreams are inspired by a need to share great family recipes with the world or a love of all things coffee, you can probably identify with them:

“My mom bakes these great muffins that have puréed fruits and veggies in them,” writes Angelina R. “My daughter doesn't even know they're healthy! When other parents and co-workers started asking us about them, we decided it's worth turning into a business to help parents everywhere. We've got the food, the enthusiasm and plenty of taste testers. Now all we need are the kitchen supplies, booths at farmer's markets (to start) and marketing materials. Wholesome and all-natural don't have to be cringe-worthy words for picky eaters!”

Sandra H. writes about helping others become bakers with a bakery incubator: “Given the popularity of baking competition shows and cupcake bakeries, more people want to start their own bakery businesses. However, many find the capital needed for the location and supplies is too far out of their reach. Enter my company, a licensed commercial kitchen that not only provides space and supplies for your baking needs but supports your marketing and sales efforts. Bakers pay for only what they need and customers get a great selection!”

Turning a dream of opening a bakery or café into a reality takes a lot of perseverance and hard work, but that’s not all. Bakeries and cafés also require supplies — everything from baking pans and mixing bowls to plates, napkins and cups.

The good news is that if your dream is to open or grow a bakery or café, Staples can help you make it happen. We have all the supplies you need, including:

As you can see, Staples has everything you need to make your idea happen, regardless of your industry. We even have expert advice on marketing, technology, financing and more to help you build and grow your business.

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