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Manual & Electric Coffee Grinders

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Coffee grinders ensure each cup of joe has a consistently fresh taste and full-bodied flavor. By grinding the beans just before brewing, users get more flavor out of each bean, no matter what type of coffee they're using. From hand grinders to electric models with burr or blade mechanisms, Staples carries a variety of grinders that meet the coffee needs of most users.

Understanding the Types of Coffee Grinders
A blade model grinds coffee using a mechanism that is similar to that in a blender. The blades spin to chop up the beans, which releases the aromatics in the coffee. This option doesn't provide consistent grinds, but offers a value-focused method of enjoying freshly ground coffee. A burr coffee grinder features two plates that rotate against each other to crush the beans. These models are adjustable, providing consistent grinds that produce quality espressos. Both types of grinders work well with automatic drip machines, while the coarser particles from a burr machine are ideal for those who use pour over or French press brewing methods.

Choosing Automatic or Manual Coffee Grinders
Manual grinders are budget-friendly options that require the user to turn a handle to chop the coffee beans. These styles are smaller, providing a space-saving option that takes up less counter space and travels easily. Most manual coffee makers provide enough ground coffee for a single cup, k-cup, or small pot, eliminating wasted beans. Automatic products let users grind beans with the push of a button, resulting in quick operation. Automatic models are available with different features, such as adjustable grind selections, which ensures maximum flavor for a variety of brewing methods.

Which Coffee Grinder Is Right for Espresso?
Espresso requires a fine grind to extract the most flavor from the beans. Automatic options provide fine grinds quickly, while manual ones may result is a less flavorful brew due to the time it takes to achieve the fine consistency. Burr grinders ensure each bean is ground to a similar size, which is important for strong, smooth espresso. Blade styles may require multiple passes through the machine, which can cause the beans to start losing flavor before they are brewed.

What Are the Benefits of Using Coffee Grinders?
Fresh coffee beans provide increased flavor over pre-ground options. Using a grinder ensures the user extracts as much flavor as possible, without sacrificing aromatics to the air. Once a bean is ground, it quickly starts to lose flavor due to moisture in the air. With a grinder, more of the concentrated flavor makes it into the cup, rather than escaping into the air. This results in a strong, consistent flavor with each cup of coffee.

Do Coffee Grinders Have Other Uses?
Coffee grinders with adjustable settings can be used for breaking down whole spices. Users can choose fine or course settings depending on the spice, ensuring increased flavor. These machines can also be used for making bread crumbs, rubs for meat and grinding other cooking essentials. Just make sure to properly clean the grinder after each use to ensure you don't end up with coffee that tastes like the spices used for last night's dinner. You can learn more about Staples selection of coffee supplies by checking out our coffee lover's center.