Covering the Bases: Complementing Traditional Advertising with Digital Media Advertising



When determining the method of advertising that’s right for your business, it's important to take all forms into consideration. While digital media advertising has its benefits, traditional advertising still has a huge effect on consumers. In order to cover all of your bases, you should have an advertising plan that combines traditional and modern forms of advertising.

The Benefits of Using Traditional and Modern Advertising

When considering forms of advertising, two factors to keep in mind are reach and frequency. As a business owner, you want your ads to reach the maximum number of people, and you want people to see your ads frequently so that they remember your company. Traditional advertising and digital media advertising have numerous benefits.

Traditional advertising benefits include:

• Television ads reach a lot of people and can be seen frequently

• Newspaper ads allow you to advertise to certain audiences

• Radio ads are cost effective enough that you can air your ad frequently


The benefits of modern advertising include:

• Online advertising allows you to target certain demographics

• Email advertising lets you gear your ads toward subscribers

• Free Internet advertising options are cost effective

How Technology Affects Business Advertising

As a business owner, it's important to evolve with technology so you can create the most effective ad campaigns. Not only does technology affect modern forms of advertisement, but it also affects traditional advertising. For example, if you have an advertisement for your business on the cover of a national magazine, that magazine cover is seen by people who purchase the magazine digitally and in print. Because modern technology plays a part in most forms of advertisement, your ads can reach more people. Technology has also made it possible to find free Internet advertising options. Most social media Web sites are free to use and allow you to build relationships with customers that could result in repeat business.

The Cost of Traditional and Modern Advertising

The cost of advertising depends on the advertising outlet you choose. To keep costs down, it's important that you know your target audience. This way, you aren't spending thousands of dollars to place an advertisement in a magazine that your target customers won't read. When you implement online advertising, you can use demographics such as age, gender and occupation to narrow down the type of people who will view your ads. In some ways, this can make online advertising cost effective for your business. However, you need to keep in mind that television and radio ads still reach a lot of consumers, so you shouldn't count out traditional advertising.

When you take into consideration the cost of advertising, how many people your ads will reach, and how often consumers will see your ads, you'll find that a combination of modern and traditional advertising options has a lot of benefits. When you're creating your company’s advertising plan, it's important to consider all of the options.

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