Make Your Idea Happen: Educational Business

As indicated by the large number of entrants in our Make Your Idea Happen Contest who dream of educating their communities in one way or another, learning is a pursuit that has no age limit. These teachers, whether conventional or not, have new and creative ways to broaden their students’ minds. Take a look at these entries:

“Give everyone a role — that is our name and that is our goal,” writes Beth B. “For over 14 years, our group of educators and artists has produced high-quality educational theater involving upwards of 250 people a show. Now we’re ready to share our methods with the broader educational community. We're waiting in the wings. Curtain in three minutes.”

Phuong S. shares an idea inspired by her son: “Some people think penguins are awkward, but they're wicked cool. That's my autistic son. I want to create a kid's club, a space for all kids, but friendly for those with autism and sensory challenges (no hand-dryers, loud toilets or intercom system). It would be both a social club and an educational center, where kids with social challenges can make friends while gaining skills to help them succeed in life. Among the classes offered would be computer skills from intro-level use of communication devices to advanced animation software.”

Are you educationally minded and looking to teach or open a business where education is the goal? Staples can help you turn your dream into a reality. We have all the supplies you need, including:

As you can see, Staples has everything you need to make your idea happen, regardless of your industry. We even have expert advice on marketing, technology, financing and more to help you build and grow your business.

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