Make Your Idea Happen: Retail Business

Many of the thousands of entrants in our Make Your Idea Happen Contest dream of opening their own retail businesses. From crafty creatives to entrepreneurs with a zest for selling, these Staples customers want to set up shop or upgrade an existing store. For example:

“I've been making handcrafted soaps and spa accessories (like bathrobes and other fantastic bath time goodies) to sell at markets and shows for the last six years,” writes Kimberly W. “My little family-owned business is growing, and in 2011 we opened up a little retail shop above our workshop on a shoe-string. My kids — ages 22, 18 and 9 — help to keep up with making our lovely soaps when they aren't in school, but if we had enough equipment we could work faster.”

Kristi G. wants to open a new retail establishment. “My husband and I have collected and grown herbs for years, and have built a greenhouse and have tons of greenhouse supplies, but locally the market is not that big. We'd like to sell them online, as well as herbal products, and ship them to customers that are interested in a wide variety of quality herb plants, seeds, and products from herbs grown without the growth inhibitors that are often found on widely available retail plants. We need tables and plastic shelving, business stationery supplies, laminators, a label kit, shipping supplies, packaging supplies, trash cans, patio heaters and bookkeeping software.”

Are you looking to open a retail business? You’ll need a few essential supplies to get started, and Staples can help. For example:

As you can see, Staples has everything you need to make your idea happen, regardless of your industry. We even have a dedicated Retail Resource Center with expert advice about POS systems, store displays, security and more to help you build and grow your business.

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