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Office Fitness: How to Stay Fit in the Wide World of Business

People who work in an office often have a hard time staying in shape because they spend so much time sitting at a desk. However, it's easy to incorporate office fitness into your daily work routine. With just a few changes and some easy exercises, you can stay fit, even while working in an office. Here are a few ways to inject office fitness into your lifestyle.

Get Up and Move

Because movement is the key to burning calories and staying fit, you should get up from your desk and move around. A simple five-minute brisk walk every half hour is ideal. This is just enough time to get your blood pumping and move your muscles without interrupting your work. It can be as simple as getting up and walking quickly to the printer or copier, or taking a stroll down to the mailroom. This way, you're keeping active while still being productive.

Another way to introduce office fitness into your daily routine and stay in shape is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Going up and down stairs is a great way to fit some aerobic activity into your day at work. Make it fun by gathering a few coworkers for a race to the top or the bottom of the stairs. (Obviously, don't run: Safety is always the first priority.) Taking the stairs will not only keep your metabolic rate up and burn some calories, but it will also relieve stress, energize you, and help you stay in shape.

Simple Chair Exercises

For more formal ways to incorporate office fitness into your daily routine, grab an exercise band or some hand weights and do chair exercises. There are countless chair exercises you can do to stay in shape while sitting at your desk, some of which could involve wrapping the exercise band around your chair and using it to do arm exercises.

Lunchtime Workout

The best way to stay fit with office fitness routines is to get a workout in during your lunch break. If you don't have a gym in your office building or close by, just grab some water bottles and walk around the parking lot. Use the water bottles for hand weights and walk briskly around the edge of the lot, making sure to keep an eye out for cars.

The Importance of Office Fitness

When you take some time to incorporate office fitness into your daily routine, you will feel happier as the exercise reduces your stress and improves your mood. Regular exercise also decreases your risk of heart disease, boosts good cholesterol, and decreases bad cholesterol. Exercising regularly can also help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of stroke, and even alleviate depression.

Getting up and away from your desk several times a day to move around and partake in office fitness is easy to do if you put your mind to it. Do some chair exercises, take the stairs, or spend your lunch break at the gym, and you will be a healthier and happier person.

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