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For A Creative Bunch, Staying Productive Is More Than a Dream | Staples | Business Hub |®

For A Creative Bunch, Staying Productive Is More Than a Dream

Mitch Gonzalez and his team at A Creative Bunch aren’t content to just be a marketing agency. They consider themselves “dream managers,” people who help turn ideas into reality. The Houston-based business, which launched in 2013, prides itself on being the city’s only full-service solutions firm. That means Mitch’s clients keep him busy with an ever-growing number of assignments.

How does he juggle it all, keep coming up with fresh ideas and stay productive? Mitch shares his secrets here.

What does it mean to be a “dream manager”?

When you understand that you’re holding the dreams of a business owner in your hands, you become ultra focused on achieving the goals that have been set. That was the driving force for me when I started the company, having the ability to work side by side with some of the most talented people I have ever met, and design solutions for others that will lead to their success.

Do any of the dreams ever turn into nightmares? What have you learned from those experiences?

Well, I fail a lot. I try new things every day. Some ideas work and some do not, but I continue to strive to succeed. That’s what I love about being creative and thinking creatively. When I fail, I examine what I did wrong and what steps I took to come to the wrong conclusion, and then I fix my mistakes quickly. Our clients want the best results, period. If all we do is try something safe and easy, then what’s the point of anyone using us? We challenge ourselves to be outstanding with our delivery and sometimes it doesn't work out, but you keep trying until you achieve the optimum level of success. The lesson is to bring out the best in you and your team every day and you will be successful. Take one day off and you risk losing everything.

What has been your greatest success to date?

Starting A Creative Bunch has been my biggest success so far. I’m amazed at what we’ve been able to do for our clients. We tell them to stretch their imagination and let us know what their goals are and what they are trying to accomplish. Then we go to work. It’s a team of dedicated professionals working toward a common goal as a unified group.

Is there one must-have item that helps you and your team stay creative?

Without a doubt, it’s the line of Expo dry-erase markers that we get at Staples. We are such a visual group, and every thought and idea goes up on the board for discussion. We love the products and can't think of a better way to come up with solutions for our clients than seeing them up on the dry-erase board.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start or grow their own business?

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you’re truly prepared for this. Be honest with yourself, because it will demand all your attention, focus and effort. You cannot do it alone, so surround yourself with the absolute best people you can. Read at a ferocious pace. Research everything you can, and then research some more. You do not have time or money to waste, so work smart and please keep your credit in excellent standing.

What is one tool you couldn’t do without at A Creative Bunch?

Technology, just in general. We live in a digital age, and the tools we use every day are vital to us and to our clients. I stay up to date with the products and programs we need to make sure we operate as efficiently as possible. The right tool can save your business — the wrong tool can put you out of business.

Have you found anything unexpected at Staples that has helped your business?

Promotional products. Being able to turn to Staples for giveaways, in addition to all our other office supply needs, has made it so easy for us to quickly respond to trade show needs without the hassle of having to go out and look for a source for promotional items. That’s a huge help!

On the other hand, we’ve come to expect consistency in the support we get from Staples. That has helped us be a much more productive company from top to bottom. We feel comfortable turning to Staples for advice on securing our equipment, printing presentations or advising what pens will best suit our needs. We allow Staples to handle the supply side of our business so we can concentrate on what we do best!

How does your business make more happen? We want to know! Share your story with us in the Comments section below, and we might contact you for a future article.

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