Stay Healthy at Work with a Treadmill Desk

It’s 8 am and you sit down at your desk for a day of concentrated work. Little did you know what your desk job is doing to you well being. According to this infographic, the second you sit, three things happen to your body: first the electrical activity in your legs shuts down, dropping your fat-reducing enzymes by 90%, then the calorie burn begins to slow to about one calorie per minute, and your chance of cardiovascular disease doubles. Recent studies suggest that sitting for hours a day can increase your risk of heart disease, reduced metabolism and impaired sensitivity to insulin, which is linked to diabetes.

But what is a hardworking individual to do? Most jobs these days simply are desk jobs, but you can create a healthier workspace with treadmill desks. A walking desk can help mitigate the health risks caused by sitting for an extended period of time by letting workers do their work while exercising.

Recent recommendations by the American Cancer Association suggest people should aim to walk an average of five miles a day. Additionally, some people find that using a walking desk makes it easier to stay focused throughout the workday. Walking increases your circulation, possibly providing more oxygen to the brain. Using a treadmill desk can help you beat the mid-afternoon slump in energy many people experience after lunch.

The treadmill desk offers some important advantages over a regular treadmill since it is customized for office use. This fitness desk is designed to be quieter than a regular treadmill, allowing you to use it without disturbing your coworkers. Its solid construction reduces vibration so your computer screen is easy to see. The desk's foam armrests absorb vibration to reduce the likelihood of hitting the wrong keys while you move. With a walking surface larger than that of a traditional treadmill, this machine makes it easy to focus on your work rather than your balance. Treadmill desks only go up to 4 miles per hour, so they are not meant for hard-core cardiovascular workouts, but they are ideal for a slow and steady pace that is easy to maintain for hours at a time.

Whether you sit at a desk for only a few hours a day or more than eight, a treadmill desk is a simple way to integrate fitness into your lifestyle.  Increasing the number of miles you walk throughout the day offers not only health benefits but also increased energy and focus. So the next time you’re looking to challenge the way your desk job suits you, think about this impressive alternate solutions that can change your life one step at a time.

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