Make Your Idea Happen: Pet-Centric Business

People love their pets — that’s clearly evident from the thousands of entrants in our Make Your Idea Happen contest and the overwhelming number of them who are animal-loving entrepreneurs. Pet photos, veterinary clinics and puppy spas are just a sampling of the dreams shared with us.

Wendy P. writes: “No one ever has enough pictures of their pets. And what better place to have a photo booth [than a pet clinic]? I would love to have props to go with it: outfits for the dogs, boas and some crazy backdrops. The owners could get their picture taken with the dog also, so props for them, too. The booth would be decorated on the outside with a movie-star theme.”

“I’ve been running a dog-walking service for 13 years and am starting a doggie day care,” begins Shasta M. “I want to include an indoor running track to maintain structured walks for my dogs and continue a regimen of healthy exercise for my day care group. No other doggie day care has an indoor running track. This is an idea that will impact the way day care providers exercise their group. It’s healthy and awesome, and promotes structured walks and maintains safety for staff and the dogs.”

What these people know is that when you have a business that’s centered around pets and animals, there are always certain products you need — treats and toys, collars and leashes, for example. And that’s just for starters.

The good news is that if your dream is to open or grow a pet-centric business, Staples can help you make it happen. We have all the supplies you need, including:

As you can see, Staples has everything you need to make your idea happen, regardless of your industry. We even have expert advice on marketing, technology, financing and more to help you build and grow your business.

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