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Too Much to Do: Using Small Business Efficiency to Get Work Done | Business Hub |®

Too Much to Do: Using Small Business Efficiency to Get Work Done

Productivity demands in the workplace are constantly rising, with fewer workers often expected to do a growing list of tasks in as little time as possible. While there are plenty of business efficiency products on the market, when faced with too much to do, most workers tend to rely on a few tried-and-true methods to boost personal efficiency and meet demands.

Efficiency through Organization

One of the primary reasons why workers can feel overwhelmed in the office is a lack of organization. As tasks build up, a lack of organization can quickly lead to workers facing an overflowing inbox and a slowdown in productivity.

A great way to fight disorganization is through creating a workflow process. To do this, you must first identify all your tasks and prioritize them based on importance.

Every task should be written down along with due dates and resources needed. Once you have your list of tasks, group them together according to shared resources, processes, or any other attribute that would allow you to work on multiple tasks at once and get work done.

After the tasks are grouped for maximum efficiency, arrange them by priority and completion date. Place them into a scheduler to allow you to view the tasks easily while you work according to the priority list. This will let you get work done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Keeping Track of Employee Time

Sometimes there’s simply too much to do. Tracking employees’ time spent on each task can determine whether they are working as efficiently as possible.

To maximize business efficiency, the employees’ time should be spent wisely, preferably on as many profitable tasks as possible. There is software available that can help track employee productivity. By analyzing your employees’ work schedule, you can determine which tasks are worth the most and concentrate their time toward those. You can also find other methods to perform less profitable tasks, such as hiring freelancers or temp help or by redesigning the tasks to require less time.

Small Business Efficiency

In today’s budget-crunched business environment, organizations have to rely on fewer employees to handle the workload. That means, some of your employees might feel maxed out. There are ways to combat this, including cross-training employees to handle one another's tasks and redistributing workloads throughout the company. Getting organized is a great way to help your employees get more done and alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed.

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