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Staples "Stop if Seal is Broken" Safety Warning Tape, 2"W x 55 Yards (112PP02)
Item #693943
Model #112-PP-02
  • 2" x 55 yards
  • Stop if seal is broken
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Tape Logic 2" x 9" x 2.5 mil Secure Tape Strip,  Red, 100/Carton (T902009)
Item #256238
Model #T902009
  • Thickness: 2.5 mil
  • Size: 2" x 9"
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Tape Logic 1/Pack 2" x 5 3/4" Security Strips
Item #SS2150951
  • Available colors: Blue and red
  • Secure tape has consecutive numbers marked every 5 3/4 inches to differentiate shipments
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Staples offers a range of security tapes, along with other fasteners and adhesives so that you can securely seal shipping boxes, envelopes, and wooden crates, among other containers. In addition to providing physical protection, security tape has a tamper-evident feature that indicates pilferage when applied and later removed. Choosing the right tape depends on the type of packaging, size and roll length, the condition of the surface, application rate, versatility, and other additional security options.

Choose the appropriate security tape for disposable or reusable packaging
Partial transfer tapes have a low residue formula that works best with reusable containers. Such security tapes leave the least amount of adhesive residue, which is also easy to clean when preparing the container for reuse.

Determine the surface condition
Textured surfaces such as recycled cardboard require a thicker and more aggressive security tape to strengthen the adhesive bond and prevent surface tearing. Thinner tapes work best for smooth and dry surfaces such as plastic and ceramic. Ensure that the surface temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the curing time of the tape and boost its functionality.

Select the appropriate size and roll length of security tape
Security tape comes in standard 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch sizes, and preference depends on the shapes and sizes of shipping boxes or containers. Roll lengths vary from 164 to 3,000 feet. The choice of length depends on the mode of application ― machine or manual ― and other unique packaging requirements . A longer roll requires fewer roll changes during application, saving on time.

Consider the versatility and the additional security features of the tape
There is a range of premium and standard security tapes for both high temperatures and freezer applications. Perforated tapes and narrow-width tapes conform best to multiple contoured surfaces and irregular surface shapes. Thinner film security tapes are more versatile and are ideal for sufficient conformity.

Besides the tamper-evident feature, you can choose a tape with a set of additional security features that are important for your application. Plain security tape contains no visible sign of its tamper-evident features to minimize attention during the package handling process. Other tapes include additional printing on the film, which acts as a deterrent or printed serial numbers for extra security.

Manual and automated application rates
The application rate of security tape is slower than standard tape to protect the hidden tamper evidence security message from premature exposure. If you're using an automated tape application machine, you may need to modify the rollers to prevent triggering the security print and the accumulation of adhesive. Partial transfer tapes work best for machine rollers, which are difficult to modify.

What kind of security tapes work best for sealing corrugated cartons?
Water-activated tapes are ideal for sealing corrugated cartons and cardboard because they're durable and sustainable, and they provide evidence of tampering.

Do you need manual or machine application?
If you're using a longer roll, an automated process will result in less frequent roll changes. Manual application is recommended where other procedures, such as splicing and unpacking, are manual.

Is there a shelf-life for security tape?
The shelf-life determines how effective the security tape is, and how long it holds surfaces and materials together. Shelf life varies between six months and two years, depending on the product.

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