Canon SELPHY Printer Ink Cartridges

Using the recommended ink for your printer is essential to maintain its performance and consistently get high-quality prints. A Canon SELPHY printer ink cartridge is an ink option designed to be used with the SELPHY printer series, which is a type of Canon inkjet printer. SELPHY ink is quick-drying and great for everyday printing. Get vibrant, detailed results with Canon SELPHY ink and see what makes the SELPHY series stand out.

What Is a Canon SELPHY Printer Ink Cartridge?

A Canon SELPHY printer ink cartridge is characterized by its portability and ease of use. The Canon SELPHY printer could be considered the digital equivalent of a photographer’s darkroom, only faster, portable, and capable of producing pictures as soon as they are taken. Canon SELPHY ink works seamlessly with this printer and is designed with sublimation printing technology, which means as soon as your photo is printed, the ink will already be dry, smudge-free, and water-resistant.

Why Buy Canon SELPHY Ink?

There are many advantages to purchasing Canon SELPHY printer ink cartridges. Cartridges can be purchased in packs of one or two. SELPHY ink cartridges that come in packs of two are more economical if you print in high volumes, but a pack of one would likely work better for someone who doesn’t print as often. There is also the option to purchase the Canon SELPHY ink value pack, which includes different sized printer paper as well. Any of the Canon ink and toner cartridges produced by this well-known brand are of the highest quality, but see what sets Canon’s SELPHY ink apart below.

Portability and Ease of Printing

A Canon SELPHY ink cartridge is easy to set up anywhere, as the printer it’s paired with can be powered by an adapter or run on batteries alone. This means the Canon SELPHY printer can be brought to an event or party and instantly print out the memories made there. Printing can be done easily through a Canon print app on your phone, a USB flash drive, or a camera’s memory card. In a mere 30 seconds of printing time, a picture taken only minutes before can be in your hands thanks to the fast, quick-drying Canon SELPHY printer ink.

Print Different Sized Photos

A wide range of different sized photos can be printed with a Canon SELPHY printer. Using SELPHY ink means not only photos but postcards can be created from the pictures taken. A Canon SELPHY ink cartridge kit can help produce images ranging from sizes as small as the square label size (2.1” x 2.1”) to a postcard-sized picture (4” x 6”).

Professional Prints

High-quality, professional-level photos can also be produced with a Canon SELPHY ink cartridge. These images will be true to life, and any text added will be bold and easy to read. The finish on photos produced with SELPHY ink can also be modified to have a glossy finish or another texture, or even have a self-adhesive finish so the images can be attached to letters or cards. Photos can be made in black and white or color.