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Staples USB Flash Drives

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Whether transferring music between devices or backing up your operating system, a Staples® flash drive is a convenient and practical choice. Since they do not require an external power source, they are a secure and portable storage solution for the home, office, classroom, or while on the go. Flash drives come in a wide-range of capacities, with various features, and in different styles to meet all of your data storage needs.

A Flash Drive With the Right Storage Capacity
Staples flash drives come with different capacities and when storing files, it is vital to have one with enough space. They range from 2GB to 256GB and the size needed depends on the type and amount of data stored. A 2GB model works well for storing or transferring small amounts of data. In general, they can hold around 50,000 documents or 500 minutes of music. An 8GB model is capable of storing moderate amounts of data including thousands of photos and songs. A 32GB drive is ideal for those needing serious storage space as it can hold movies. Those with 64GB or more holds incredible amounts of information including millions of documents and 25,000 photos.

Flash Drive Security Features to Protect Information
When using a Staples USB flash drive, it is crucial to keep information protected. Most have some degree of security pre-installed to protect files and passwords. Some even use fingerprint recognition technology to ensure only specific users access the files. This also prevents other parties from getting to the files if it is lost or stolen. For added protection, some models feature built-in hacking protection that locks the device after several failed access attempts.

Flash Drives are a Durable and Portable Storage Solution
Due to their compact size, Staples USB thumb drives need to have a strong design to hold up during transport and use. The majority have plastic cases and caps, though some have metal or anodized aluminum cases to add strength and protect the internal components. Retractable flash drives protect the internal parts by allowing the connector to draw into the casing. The slim and compact size also makes Staples flash drives easily portable so they fit in laptop bags, briefcases, and pockets. Some even have lanyards or belt clips so they are easy to carry.

What Speeds Do Flash Drives Offer?
Speed plays a role in how long it takes to transfer files between devices. A USB 2.0 drive offers speeds up to 480Mbps making it right for transferring music, photos, and documents. A USB 3.0 model can reach speeds up to 4.8Gbps making it possible to move many large files in seconds. A 3.0 model is ideal for holding and transferring videos and movies.

What Styles do Staples Flash Drives Come In?
Many Staples flash drives come in an array of styles from simple to fun and colorful. While there are plenty of basic color options, there are also models to match keychains, bags, or laptop cases. Some even have fun characters shapes, bold patterns, or popular quotes. Companies can even have their logo printed on the drive as a marketing tool.

Are USB 3.0 Flash Drives Backwards Compatible?
Older systems are generally equipped with USB 2.0 ports while newer models often have USB 3.0 ports. USB 3.0 devices are backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports, but they only function at 2.0 speeds.
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