About this product

Staples Correction Tape offers dual application.

With Staples correction tape in your desk drawer, you never have to worry about sending out a document with minor typos or imperfections from photocopying. This tape lets you correct errors quickly and easily, so that your documents look perfectly professional. You can also use this tape with your photocopier to edit sensitive information from individual pages for third parties, ensuring the recipient only sees relevant parts of a document.

  • Correction Tape
  • Smooth and dry surface allows immediate writing after use
  • Faxing and photocopying without shadows
  • Staples brand provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy, fast, clean, and accurate application
  • 1 line coverage
  • Applies dry and clear
  • Not recommended for use on glossy paper
Convenient DispenserThis correction tape comes in a convenient hand dispenser, making it easy to use the tape with finesse. The dispenser holds 315 inches of tape to ensure you don't have to replace it frequently. This convenient plastic tape holder makes it possible for you to throw the correction tape into your briefcase for off-site work without damaging the product.Dual FunctionalityUse this correction tape to correct individual letters or fix whole sentences. Simply push the dispenser against the page to cover an individual letter or drag it across a sentence to cover the whole line.Quick and Easy CorrectionThe correction tape goes on dry, so you can write or type on the tape immediately after application. You don't have to worry about wasting time waiting for liquid correction fluid to dry or damaging your document with liquid that soaks through.