Teaching Supplies

School teaching supplies for every classroom

Shop at Staples to find a comprehensive range of school teaching supplies that empower educators to create engaging lessons, enhance classroom environments, and facilitate efficient classroom management. With our selection of maps and globes, lesson plans, decorative letters and numbers, classroom decorations, hall passes, and classroom name tags and name plates, educators can equip themselves with the tools and school teaching supplies they need to inspire students and deliver impactful instruction.

The right resources for teachers

From flash cards to timers, buzzers, dice, Staples has a large selection of teaching resources to help teachers and students alike in the classroom. Counting manupulatives can help students visualize numbers while learning basic math. Use learning clocks to teach students how to tell time and dry erase paddles for interactive learning with the whole class. These resources can just as easily be used at home to help engage children in learning at home as well.

Creating a vibrant learning environment

A visually appealing and well-organized classroom environment is conducive to effective learning. Staples offers a wide variety of decorative letters and numbers, as well as classroom decorations and posters, to help educators create an engaging space. These supplies include alphabet letters, numbers, and decorative accents that are easily affixed to bulletin boards, walls, and other classroom surfaces. With vibrant colors, engaging designs, and creative displays, educators can transform their classrooms into inviting and stimulating learning environments that captivate students' attention and enhance their overall learning experience.

Streamlining classroom management

Efficient classroom management is essential for a productive learning environment. Our school teaching supplies selection includes hall passes, classroom name tags, and name plates to support streamlined and organized classroom operations. Hall passes help maintain order and ensure student safety during transitions, while classroom name tags and name plates facilitate identification and personalization within the classroom. Classroom posters and charts can also help place clearly organized information that everyone can see. Chart pouches can store small amounts of materials like index cards, name tags or hall passes when not in use. With these practical supplies, educators can establish clear procedures, foster a sense of community, and promote a positive classroom culture that supports effective teaching and learning.