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Paper & Stationery

Paper and stationery products come in many shapes and sizes. Choose copy and multipurpose paper to print important business documents or memos for your company. Pre-printed awards and certificates make it easy to recognize excellent service or sales.

Business Cards
Design business cards that will reflect your business and make a lasting impression. Create custom business cards online using the easy design tool on Staples Copy & Print. Choose from a variety of finishes and card stock to make your business cards really stand out!

Versatile Office Supplies
Paper and stationery give you control over how your office communications look. Print marketing messages for distribution to customers and vendors, or craft professional memos for peers and coworkers. The exceptional versatility of paper supplies makes it easy to tailor the look of your message to the audience.

Marketing Support
Loyalty cards and blank card stock can both help your marketing team distribute your message to customers and clients. Loyalty cards make it easy to track customer transactions and reward loyal patrons for their continued business, and blank card stock allows you to print punch cards for returning customers or create business cards for your employees. To ensure a clean and professional look when working with card stock and loyalty cards, try high-quality paper trimmers.

Specialized Paper
Paper and stationery products include specialized options that assist with everyday business operations. These include thermal paper for point-of-sale transaction tracking and receipts as well as preprinted forms for tracking accounts payable and receivable. Specialized paper products can dramatically increase efficiency.

Heavy-Duty Options
Thick sheets of acid-free paper are excellent tools for saving information that needs to last for years. Use this archival paper to store printed copies of important business documents, licenses and transaction histories for later use. Heavier card stock and paper can also help ensure your loyalty or business cards easily withstand the rigors of regular handling.


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