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1098 Tax Forms

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The proper documentation is essential for personal and business accounting, and 1098 tax forms are necessary to properly record and file certain financial information. These forms are for reporting mortgage interest in accordance with IRS regulations. Shop the comprehensive selection of tax forms at Staples® to find the right options for your personal or business taxes.

Important Information About 1098 Tax Forms
The 1098 tax form is the official IRS document for reporting mortgage interest over $600 received during the course of trade or business from an individual or sole proprietor. A person must file this federal form to properly report receiving mortgage interest, even if that person is not in the business of lending money. There are numerous other regulations that govern tax filing and forms. All relevant information is available directly from the IRS.

Most forms work with an inkjet or laser printer. Standard styles use traditional 8.5 x 11 inch paper with all the required fields and headers in the IRS layout. You can also find 9 x 11-inch forms for use in a continuous-feed printer. Some brands include heat-resistant ink along with acid-free paper that resists fading and yellowing.

Which 1098 Tax Forms to Choose
While the 1098 tax form is the proper method for reporting all mortgage interest over $600, there are multiple copies of the form. You should verify which copy designations you need and make sure you are reporting items in the proper manner to the right authorities. For example, you submit Copy A forms to the IRS. These forms are easy to distinguish because of the red ink for the headers and field outlines. Copy C 1098 forms have black ink, and their proper recipients are lenders, individuals who received mortgage interest, and state authorities. Copy B forms also use black ink and become part of the payer's permanent records. Most sheets are laser cut to reduce the chance of jamming in the printer. Some brands include carbonless transfer paper to print all Copy forms simultaneously in a continuous-feed printer.

Do 1098 Tax Forms Require Special Envelopes?
These forms aren't the size of a standard letter, so there are specially-designed envelopes that hold the form without requiring folding. Number 845858 and number 656315 envelopes both work with 1098 forms. You can purchase envelopes separately in bulk boxes, or choose a combination set that includes both the forms and the matching envelopes.

Do 1098 Tax Forms Come Individually or in Bulk Sets?
Most users require more than one 1098 form, so they are available both individually or in bulk sets. You can find 1-part (Copy A, B, or C) or 3-part (all Copies) forms in sets with item counts between 10 and 500.

Are 1098 Tax Forms Only For Reporting Mortgage Interest?
The standard 1098 tax form is for only mortgage interest reporting, but other versions of the 1098 form cover different income reporting requirements. The 1098-T form relates to tuition payments, 1098-E is for student loan interest information, and 1098-C is for charitable donations of motor vehicles, boats, and airplanes.