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1099 Tax Forms

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Provide contract employees with accurate income summaries and meet federal and state tax filing requirements with 1099 tax forms. A broad range of purchase options makes it simple to handle tax reporting for businesses of any size and page formats that are compatible with a variety of printers as well as manual form completion. Handle tax season efficiently and enhance the accuracy of tax filings with tax forms from Staples.

Practical 1099 tax form solutions
Preparing tax records is an exacting process, and the right forms, documents, and preparation aids save time and effort, ensuring the timely completion of business filings. Using an IRS-compliant, tax form 1099-MISC puts all relevant rent, royalty, and non-employee compensation information into the hands of recipients and the appropriate state and federal agencies. Many products include 1096 summary and transmittal forms that streamline IRS form submission. Tax preparation kits include security envelopes with see-through address windows. Software tax solutions for 1099s also handle additional reporting needs, such as 1099-DIV and 1085-B/C forms, ACA reporting documents, and 1098 student loan/tuition records. Some kits include e-file options and have detailed instructions that walk users through the filing process for each form.

Easy-to-use tax forms
While small business owners with a few employees or homeowners that hire contract workers may prefer filling out 1099 tax forms manually, larger businesses typically use automated processes. Most of these products are compatible with a variety of printers and feature carbonless pages that deliver clear, easy-to-read printed results. Most form management software solutions let users enter data by hand or import it from a spreadsheet. Micro-perforated forms produce clean, easy-to-handle edges and reduce the risk of tears. Select items feature acid-free, archival-quality paper. Use these products to enhance the integrity and legibility of stored records.

Do these 1099 tax forms meet IRS guidelines?
All these filing documents meet federal reporting requirements and include all the copies of each form needed to ensure all parties receive the information they need. They also use the standard red ink for the IRS copy of the form. Tax documents change from year to year, so be sure to choose products that match the relevant filing period.

What printers can you use with these tax form 1099s?
Most of these products feature carbonless loose-leaf paper that is compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. They also have letter-size pages with two forms per page, so they fit most automatic paper feeders. Choose forms with continuous-feed, perforated edges and carbon-paper pages for use with matrix printers.

How many forms are in each product?
Tax forms come in packages that meet the filing needs of almost any tax filer. Packs of 10 to 50 1099s are ideal for small businesses or households that employ contract help. Cost-effective, bulk packages of 100 to 1,000 forms take on the biggest tax-filing jobs.

Can you use 1099 tax forms with tax preparation or payroll software?
Because the IRS dictates the physical format of each tax form, spaces for printed information have a very consistent layout. Most payroll and tax software solutions are compatible with these forms.
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