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Checksoft Checks Voucher Pack Custom Check Form, 525/Pack (11203)
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  • Use this custom check paper to print checks with most check-writing software
  • Paper weight: 24 lbs.
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Filling out tax forms properly is a complicated process, but tax software simplifies the preparation of federal, state and local tax returns. These products guide users through tax forms, search for hidden deductions, and ensure tax calculations are accurate. Staples offers tax preparation software that runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X computers for both home and business users.

Flexible Tax Preparation

Well-known tax preparation software such as TurboTax software and H&R Block comes in several versions, making it easy for users to pick the best tax software for their situation. Basic products are suitable for users with simple tax situations, while more advanced tax software handles more complex returns for homeowners or investors. Users with advanced needs, such as rental property owners or the self-employed, may benefit from deluxe versions of tax preparation software, and top-tier products are the best tax software for business use. Create custom 1099 tax forms or W-2 tax forms, whatever you need.

Comprehensive Tax Solutions

Most tax software offers additional features that simplify the process of filling out tax returns. They simplify data entry by importing last year's tax information into this year's returns and offer step-by-step instructions to guide users through the data entry process. Once personal and financial data is complete, the tax software checks for missing information or potential issues, maximizes deductions, calculates the tax owed, and fills out all needed tax forms. Almost all tax preparation software handles federal, state, and local taxes, but some charge an additional fee for state and local returns.

Automatic Filing

Once tax returns are complete, most tax software will file tax forms electronically. This process simplifies the filing process and speeds the payment of tax refunds. Tax preparation software uses state-of-the-art security features to keep personal information secure during the preparation and filing process.

Expert Backing

The best tax software companies back their products with accuracy and refund guarantees and offer free professional tax advice as you prepare your return. Some companies also provide in-person support if an audit occurs. Automated deduction finders, investment income, and business expense guidance and depreciation calculators built into tax preparation software further simplify the tax preparation process.

Tax software simplifies the tax preparation process and ensures forms are accurate and complete. Using these products also maximizes potential refunds and speeds the filing process.