4" Binders

Ring binders are essential office supplies for collating, presenting and storing volumes of paperwork. With the ability to hold up to 890 pages, 4-inch binders are ideal for filing lots of documents to keep track of large projects. Shoppers can find a wide selection of such three-ring binders on Staples.

Choosing the Right Office Binder
Before ordering 4-inch binders for the office, first determine the intended use for those folders, how many sheets each will store and how often users will access them. Files meant for the archives only need standard non-view binders, while frequently handled pages require view binders with durable covers and spines. There is also a third option: flexible binders. These are ideal for presentations since they are lightweight and do not have stiff spines and covers.

After choosing one of these three binder styles, it is time to select a ring type. There are four common ring designs for 4-inch ring binders. These are ring, slant, D and EZD rings. Round ring is the traditional binder ring option but slant rings offer 25 percent more capacity and are sturdier. D-Ring binders can store 30 percent more pages than round-ring ones while EZD ring models hold up to 50 percent more sheets.

Features to Look for When Comparing 4-inch Binders
Three-ring binders from different brands have varying sets of features even when they have the same design and ring type. One desirable feature to look for when shopping for binders is gapless loop ring. Some manufacturers also refer to the feature as gap-free rings. These rings have no gaps, which makes it easier to turn pages and prevents page loss. Other convenient designs to consider when ordering 4-inch binders for the office include back-mounted rings which allow sheets to lie flat inside a binder, one-touch opening, and non-stick covers that prevent stains. Some binders also have pockets for securing loose pages and business cards. Removable label inserts make it easy to reuse binders by swapping the labels.

How do you Measure Binder Rings?
Binder size refers to the size of its rings and not the width of the spine. This is why not all 4-inch binders have the same thickness. To measure a binder with round rings, open its covers fully and measure the span of one of its circular rings at its widest point. Slant, D and EZD rings are variations of the same design. To find the size of such rings, take the measurement along the straight edge of the ring and not its curved section.

What is the Sheet Capacity of 4-Inch Binders?
The number of pages you can fit into a 4-inch binder depends on its ring design. A round-ring 4-inch binder can take 700--750 sheets while D and EZD-ring binders have a maximum capacity of 780 pages. Slant-ring 4-inch binders for the office can store up to 890 sheets.

What is a Zipper Binder?
Also known as presentation or conference binder, zipper binders have a zip enclosure. In addition to the binder's rings, the zipper secures pages and prevents them from falling out. It also prevents unsecured items like loose documents, pens and pencils from dropping out of the binder.