Acer Laptops

Acer laptops are some of the more well-known and reliable options on the market. They offer many different models ranging from Chromebooks to powerful laptops that are ideal for demanding users.

Find the Right Acer Laptop
Before looking for the right model, ask yourself for what you'll be using your computer. If it's mostly for surfing the web and possibly some light word processing, consider a Chromebook. It is a stripped-down type of laptop that runs on the Google Chrome operating system instead of Windows or Linux. It cannot install and run traditional software but can use apps you buy online. It comes with USB ports so that standard accessories work.

For consumers who need a laptop for general light to moderate daily use, the Acer Aspire line is a viable choice. Users who mostly surf the web and use office applications and occasional multimedia programs should do well with a model that comes with 4GB of RAM and up to 1GB of hard drive space. People who are looking to play video games, edit media files or enjoy movies should look to get an Acer laptop with at least 8GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card, such as an NVIDEA card with at least 2GB of video RAM. The more demanding a user's computing needs, the more powerful their chosen CPU should be. An Intel Celeron is ideal for light or less-demanding applications. For those who want a rich multimedia experience or need to run multiple applications at once, Acer laptops with Intel i5 or i7 processor are a quality choice. Keep in mind that, to a certain extent, the amount of RAM is more important than the speed of the CPU when it comes to handling intensive applications.

Accessorizing Acer Laptops
There are many laptop accessories to choose from, including a standard DVD drive, writable DVD burner and even a state-of-the-art Blu-ray drives. Other peripherals include external hard drive or solid state drive, mice, USB hubs for charging multiple devices simultaneously and high-quality headsets. Some Acer laptops have the ability to convert into a tablet, with the screen detaching from the keyboard and operating via touch-screen capability. These are ideal for frequent travelers or professionals who need a versatile solution for doing one-on-one presentations and meetings.

Does Acer Have Any Laptops Specifically For Gaming?
Absolutely. The Acer Predator line appeals to a hard-core gamer. This line typically features an Intel i7 CPU processor, at least 16GB of RAM and a screen that measures at least 15 inches to give users an immersive gaming experience.

What Type of CPUs Are Available on Chromebooks?
Most Chromebooks use an Intel Celeron processor. Some models come with i3 or i5 versions, which are ideal for people who primarily want to surf the web and still be able to watch videos and movies online.

Are There Any Acer Laptops With Solid-State Hard Drives Available?
Yes. There are also laptops with both a traditional and solid-state hard drive (SSD). This is advantageous because the SSD can store the programs you use frequently or even the operating system for faster loading and boot-up.