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Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 SBWD60A01 Wireless Display Receiver, Black
Item #IM1XC1674
Model #SBWD60A01
  • With ScreenBeam Mini 2, you can enjoy your favorite videos, photos, and movies on the best display in the house
  • Receiver connects to TV or similar device through HDMI, and connects with streaming device by wireless peer to peer connection
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Actiontec MyWirelessTV2 Wireless Display Kit for HDMI Media Devices (MWTV2KIT01)
Item #IM1XQ8511
Model #MWTV2KIT01
  • HDMI display kit wirelessly connects your HDMI-enabled media devices to your HD TV, making the HDMI cable obsolete for an orderly and organized appearance
  • Works with most Blu-ray players, HD gaming consoles, HD cable, and satellite set-top boxes with HDMI output
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Actiontec Electronics ScreenBeam 960 Wireless Display Receiver, Black
Item #IM14T7732
Model #SBWD960A
  • Zero-touch Safe Meeting Spaces – Transform meeting rooms into collaborative workspaces by eliminating contact with cables, adapters, remote controls, etc.
  • Enterprise-grade wireless display receiver that provides wireless display connectivity up to 100 feet in range, to collaborate, create and communicate, enabling real mobility, interactivity and productivity in meetings and workspaces
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Take entertainment along when leaving for a trip with these Actiontec® media streaming devices from Staples®. Simple connection to an HDTV screen allows you to enjoy a plethora of streaming services providing top-quality video content. This receiver also allows for quick social media searches while watching TV for convenience. Secure Wi-Fi® connectivity lets users connect to Actiontec streaming media players via a smartphone, a personal computer, or other electronic appliances that are wireless-capable. With USB and HDMI® ports, these TV and streaming media players offer a practical way to connect them to different devices around the house. 

Qualities of Actiontec Media Streaming Devices
Take advantage of Wi-Fi to share files on social media and to access various online streaming services such as Hulu™, Amazon Prime™, and Philo. Once you plug this device into a TV, it instantly becomes visible to other electronics, so everyone can share content across social media platforms. Dual-band technology features 5GHz and 3.2GHz frequencies, ensuring that smartphones, laptops, and radio players won’t affect the performance of Actiontec TV streaming devices. Wireless security functions include WPA2, WPS, and AES standards, so users can enjoy web search without experiencing hacking attempts or digital data thefts. Some Actiontec devices use StreamBeam™ technology. 

Video Display Properties
These streaming media players support video quality of up to 1080p Full HD and HD audio, making visuals and sound clear and full of details. With ultra-low latency, users can play video games or watch live sport streams with no screen freezes. Screen mirroring is one of the newer inventions, helping users combine all the available electronics without using cables. It’s also possible to use streaming media players for school or office presentations via a projector. Heavy-duty software ensures that screen mirroring doesn’t blur the video or image quality, so you can experience family photos or videos from trips.

What Are a Few Different Ways of Using Streaming Media Players?
Whether it’s music, TV shows, movies, or sports streams, these Actiontec TV streaming devices let you enjoy smooth video display with lifelike colors. Playing video games on a big screen is another aspect to consider because of the convenient screen mirroring function. The two-channel stereo output accommodates music enthusiasts, with the option to plug speakers into the device.

What Are Some Other Technical Details of Actiontec Streaming Media Players?
An LED indicator shows power, so individuals can check if the device is on from a distance. Compact sizing makes these streaming media players ideal for travel, and a USB connectivity option provides a myriad of ways to activate them on the go. Many other devices require a connection to a wireless router, but these Actiontec devices don’t need it for online activation. They require 5 volts of power to run efficiently, and the power consumption falls below 4 watts, which makes them energy-efficient. 

Are Actiontec Media Players Compatible With Popular OS Systems?
Consumers can use Actiontec devices with various Microsoft® enabled appliances, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Other compatibility options include all Android and Samsung devices and feature updates for different OS editions. The virtual interface offers several popular language packages as well, such as German, Spanish, and Chinese.

Actiontec Streaming Media Player FAQs

You lead a busy life. That’s why at Staples we want to help you find the Actiontec Streaming Media Players that meet your needs. We carry 2 Actiontec Streaming Media Player products all starting at prices as low as $299.99. That means you have some options and products to compare, which is where our FAQs can help.

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