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Television today lets users choose from traditional programming, media streaming, projectors, and other devices for watching their favorite shows and movies. Staples® carries a variety of products that increase the ways you can watch TV.

Television Choices Matter
The TV you choose determines whether you can stream media. Use a smart TV for connecting to the internet for playing videos, games, music, and applications. These units connect using Ethernet or Wi-Fi, letting users tap into a home or office network. The USB ports let you plug in media sticks, memory cards, and projectors for viewing the contents directly on the screen. Some traditional TVs don't provide these capabilities, so consider the features and connectivity options for optimal performance with all peripherals you want to use.

Using a Television for Streaming Media
Media streaming devices give users access to video, music, and games in real time over the internet. Media sticks provide access using a device that plugs directly into an HDMI or USB port. Most of these products include applications that let you play games and watch movies through a particular service. The items you download remain in the cloud, reducing the amount of information saved directly on the TV or hard drive. Streaming media services include free and paid choices, letting you choose the options that work for your needs. Some offer rental services, which means you can watch the latest hit and return it after you're done.

Streaming Media Players for Televisions
Streaming media players provide access similar to cable and satellite programming using a set-top box. These players connect directly to a specific TV and provide channels, movies, and music based on the viewer's selections. Some media players let users stream content from compatible smartphones and tablets for increased entertainment options. Others play DVD and Blu-ray® discs, combining the capabilities of multiple devices into one space-saving design.

Are There Other Devices That Stream to Televisions?
Gaming consoles let users play games and stream media directly to their TVs. Some provide options for listening to CDs and watching DVDs, creating a complete entertainment system on a single console. Some projectors let you stream media onto walls, screens, or to TVs, providing a convenient option for meetings and conventions. Some of these include streaming sticks, which lets you choose movies and shows for display.

What Are the Requirements for Streaming Media to a Television
Most streaming devices work with most brands. Check the manufacturer recommendations for specific requirements between the device and TV. Some designs pair with products from the same brand for increased functionality and content. Most devices plug into a USB or HDMI port, improving compatibility across brands.

Does Audio Equipment Stream to a Television?
Most audio and DJ equipment provide outputs to mixers and amplifiers, but not for TVs. A unit with a digital out output lets you plug into compatible TVs or computers for recording tracks or entire CDs. Check the compatibility and determine your goals for the audio equipment for optimal performance with televisions and traditional DJ equipment.

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