Adhesive Bandages & Band-Aids

Adhesive bandages and Band-Aids are ideal for covering wounds, and they come in most first-aid kits. The bandages come in a variety of sizes, so you can cover small cuts or large scrapes with help from a variety pack; however, if you use them for shots or small wounds, you can buy a pack that has the size you need too. Band-Aids can be fabric, plastic, sheer, or foam, making it easy to treat your specific injury while still maintaining the level of comfort you have come to expect.

Band-Aids and adhesive bandages make sure your cuts stay clean after they've been washed and treated for infection.

Functional Styles
There are sheer, fabric, plastic, and foam styles of Band-Aids and adhesive bandages available, so you can use the type that suits your injury and your activities. With different materials, you can choose the most comfortable bandage easily, whether you prefer fabric that moves with your body or a plastic bandage that will resist water more easily.

There are many types of injuries you can receive, so having only one type of Band-Aid doesn't make sense. You can get a variety pack instead, and it will have many sizes of bandages to choose from. Variety packs often have 100 or more bandages to choose from, so you will always have some on hand when you need them.