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Aleva Baby Diapers

Eco-conscious parents can keep their green lifestyle even when baby comes. It is now easier than ever to find baby products that are made with natural materials and ingredients. Aleva baby diapers are an environmentally friendly alternative to regular, disposable baby diapers. Keep baby and the earth healthy with a natural, eco-friendly choice.

Aleva Diapers Are as Effective as Traditional Diapers
Aleva's eco-friendly diapers are just as effective as traditional diapers. These diapers offer absorbency, leak protection and comfort. Each diaper is kept secure on your baby's waist with easy-to-use sticky tabs. To keep the diaper in place and protect against leaks, elastic fits snugly around the waist and legs. Along with the elastic, there is added leak protection with double-sided leak guards that fit securely around the legs. Leaks are also avoided with a wetness indicator that changes color from yellow to green to let you know when it is time for a change.

You can be happy knowing the item your baby will wear the most is made with comfort in mind. Your baby will stay comfortable between changes snugly nestled in a diaper that has top and bottom layers made with unbleached bamboo, providing cloth-like softness. The back layer is breathable to allow for air circulation. Active babies have freedom of movement with flexible side panels.

A Green Diaper
As an eco-conscious parent, taking care of both your baby and the earth is important to you. Choose products that will get the job done without harming the environment. While some parents choose cloth diapers, a naturally made diaper that is disposable is a more convenient option for many. Aleva diapers are both disposable and environmentally friendly.

Aleva diapers are made with natural unbleached bamboo fibers. Natural materials are healthier for baby, as they don't include harsh ingredients such as chlorine, latex, bleach or perfumes that can increase the risk of rashes and irritation. You can have peace of mind knowing bamboo doesn't require bleaching because of a natural antibacterial agent called bamboo kun. Your baby's sensitive skin is kept safe without added artificial fragrances and colors.

Are Aleva Diapers Biodegradable?
Aleva makes diapers with a natural bamboo fiber that is biodegradable. Natural plant-based materials break down easier and faster, which reduces your impact on the environment.

What Sizes Do Aleva Diapers Come In?
Aleva diapers comes in sizes NB-1, 2 and 3 to keep your baby covered as he grows. NB-1 fits babies weighing 4 to 9 pounds, such as newborns. Size 2 fits babies weighing 6 to 17 pounds and size 3 fits babies weighing 13 to 24 pounds. Sizes overlap in suggested weights to help you find the fit that will be most comfortable for your baby.

How Many Diapers Come in a Pack?
You can choose a small 32-count pack. Bigger pack sizes are also available, offering as many as 192 diapers. Try a smaller pack at first to make sure you have the size your baby needs. Once you are confident you have the proper sizing, a more economical option is to purchase a bigger pack size.
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Aleva® Bamboo Baby Diapers, Size 2, 30/Pack (37845)
Item : IM12U2722 / Model : 37845
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  • Fit 3 to 8 kg, size 2
  • Extra leak protection
  • Unbleached bamboo fibers construction
22.99 $22.99
Aleva Naturals® Bamboo Baby® Diapers, Size NB to 1, 32 Count (37842)
Item : IM12U2721 / Model : 37842
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  • Fits 4 - 9 lbs./2 - 4 kg
  • Double sided leak guards fit snug around your little one's legs to provide exceptional leak protection
  • Made from eco-friendly, unbleached bamboo fibers that contain a natural anti-bacterial agent, called bamboo kun
25.29 $25.29
32 Count