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Facial tissues are an absolute must for the nightstand, desk, and bathroom. Angel Soft tissues provide a variety of styles and sizes that are ideal for any environment, so there's constantly one within easy grasp. Check out all of the disinfectant and cleaning supplies Staples carries.

Angel Soft Tissues Varieties for More Flexibility
No matter where your busy life takes you, Angel Soft creates products that you can take anywhere. Its premium, two-ply tissue comes in cubes that fit neatly in the guest bedroom, on the back of the toilet or the bathroom counter. Larger boxes with 165 sheets go a bit further in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, master bath, and the kids' rooms. Larger boxes also keep school nurses and teachers stocked up on soft tissues for runny noses all year long.

Individually-wrapped on the go packets fit neatly into purses, backpacks, diaper bags and carryon bags. Portable packets are a convenient substitute for a napkin to keep faces and hands clean outside of the house. Boxes with 100 sheets are slim and fit neatly into a desk drawer or car glove compartment, so there's always a soft tissue available when someone needs it. Color indicators on tissues signal when you're getting near the end of the box so you know when it's time to order more.

Different Styles of Angel Soft Tissues for Every Season
Angel Soft tissues are soft and soothing for daily use, helping to prevent discomfort and chapping. Noses may need a little extra TLC during cold, flu and allergy season. Extra soft tissues with lotion moisturize sensitive skin with every wipe, soothing noses and nasal passages afflicted by hay fever, pet allergies, and post-nasal drip. Keeping both lotion and non-lotion tissues around satisfy everyone's individual preference. For example, many people prefer lotion-free tissues for cleaning eyeglasses.

Angel Soft Tissue Sizes for all Types of Environments
Office managers and purchasers need to ensure that the supply room has a readily available inventory of soft facial tissues. Multipacks and cases come in flat packaging that is stable to stack and store, ideal not only for supply closets but also garages and hall closets. Some styles of cartons have a perforated opening at the top, converting the box into a convenient, easy-to-use dispenser.

Healthcare environments like hospitals, doctor's offices, and health clinics need versatile solutions for patients. Many health codes dictate that each patient receives certain personal materials that aren't reusable. Angel Soft's compact, professional box series has a smaller size that is ideal for both long-term and outpatient care facilities. Personalized size boxes are easily distributed to patients recovering from surgery and are small enough to take it home when they have completed their stay.

Decorative Angel Soft Tissue Boxes for the Bed, Bath, and Office
Many Angel Soft boxes have festive and colorful patterns that complement any decor. Floral designs, vivid prints, and bold solids are attractive and festive around the home and workplace. Look for variety packs with numerous geometric and modern shapes for a little bit of variety and fun. Colorful boxes are attractive to keep on standby in conference rooms where busy facilitators don't want to step away in case of an incidental sneeze. Staples also carries a wide selection of napkins, paper towels,


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